Gameband Gaming Smartwatch Comes Loaded With Cool Retro Games

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Gameband Gaming Smartwatch

Apple Watch is owned the 50% of the wearable market according to sources. Now, another company is jumped into the wearable marker and they created a unique wearable which has been specifically created for gamers.

Gameband is a powerful gaming smartwatch with an integrated upgradeable microSD drive that has been specifically designed for gaming and will also provide exclusive content, says its developers FMTwo Game based in California.

Gameband Gaming Smartwatch

On Kickstarter, the watch has already blasted past its $75,000 pledge goal in just the first 24-hour since launch.

Built specifically for people who love to game, Gameband is a powerful Smartwatch. It runs on one of the fastest processors for wearables in the world, has a stunning AMOLED display, WiFi, Bluetooth 4.2, and our own Android OS with a broad suite of productivity apps.

Gameband also has upgradable MicroSD capability, turning it into a high-speed portable gaming drive, that also hosts your photos, music, files and more. Our software & unique IC switch mean that when plugged into a computer the MicroSD runs our PixelFurnace game management and launch platform at USB3.0 speeds, and when connected via Bluetooth data can be accessed via mobile or audio devices.

Special editions and mini-games: we’ve partnered for launch with two iconic brands to bring top name brands to your wrist.  Atari, who brought gaming into the living room, are working with us to bring it to your wrist. Rewriting classic titles like Pong, Centipede and more for our 1:1 1.63″ display, with flush glass format for easy swiping, Gameband Atari Edition comes in Atari Red, with a variety of straps that let you show your love for this timeless gaming legend. We’ll be adding mini-games as stretch goals and looking for your help & input to decide which titles to chose.

Source: Kickstarter


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