Gameloft Has Officially Released The Black Friday And Cyber Monday Deals!

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Thanksgiving is almost here and with it, the shopping frenzy for the holidays. And for the gamers, this is a time where we can seize tons of great games for cool discounts! For my mobile gamers out there, Gameloft has just revealed all of their Black Friday deals across iOS, Android, and Switch.  

Asphalt 8: Airborne: 50% off tokens, great deals on bundles & kit boxes, and a Volkswagen IDR special event with supporting bundles. In the US the Patriot kit box will also be unlocked as a part of the Thanksgiving celebration.

Asphalt 9: Legends: 30% off select token packs, special Card Packs, currency bundles, and the “Burst of Speed” event featuring the Bugatti Chiron, Koenigsegg Regera, and Lamborghini Terzo Millennio. For the Nintendo Switch™ version of the game, there will also be a 30% discount on the “Asphalt 9: Legends Starting Racer Pack” in the US.

Disney Magic Kingdoms: Up to 30% off gems, great deals on character bundles, parade bundles, and attraction bundles. There is also a new Frozen 2 time-limited event going on featuring new characters from the movie.

Disney Princess Majestic Quest: Three different bundles up to 90% off and a Majestic Offer on Cyber Monday with one special bundle at 88% off.

Dragon Mania Legends: 50% off event currency and gems, 95% off Ice Cream Dragon bundles, and special items for the Ancient Fire event. Cyber Monday continues the deals with exclusive offers on pixel dragons and legendary habitats.

March of Empires: Everything starts on Thanksgiving with 20% off legacy equipment and resources. On Black Friday there will be a buffed Weekly Card offering bigger boosts and more gems, special calendar promotions, daily log-in rewards, bundles with exclusive rewards, and other great discounts.

Minion Rush: Despicable Me: Players will receive a nice Thanksgiving Gift of 30 Baker cards this Thursday followed by a sweet deal on Black Friday with tokens and coins up to 80% off. The sales continue on Cyber Monday with tokens up to 50% off.

My Little Pony: Magic Princess: A new time-limited story, “Rarity’s Retro Revolution”, inspired by the My Little Pony TV show and comics is starting up as well as a special discount up to 80% off for select ponies. Mystery ponies will then be given out to players who buy special packs on Cyber Monday.

War Planet Online: Starting on Thanksgiving there are exclusive discounted bundles and special Trader offers before Cyber Monday brings unlimited bundles with premium boosters, decorations, and more units.

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