Games Coming To Xbox One In April

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We didn’t see many releases in April for obvious reasons, but it doesn’t mean there aren’t some stupid good looking games. From epic remakes to amazing indie games, we have a good collection of games that should keep you somewhat busy during these self-isolation times.

Resident Evil 3 and Resident Evil: Resistance – April 3rd

Resident Evil 3 is back and somehow looks scarier than when we first played it years ago. With Jill Valentine and Carlos Olivera returning and the fear that is Nemesis, we are in for quite a ride. Along with this great remake comes the asymmetrical multiplayer game mode which puts 4 survivors versus a mastermind controlling the undead called Resident Evil: Resistance.

Deliver Us The Moon – April 24th

While we are all stuck in our houses, why not investigate the great outdoors? Why not go a step further and investigate the moon? Deliver Us the Moon takes players on a wonderful journey through the mysteries and potential terrors of the moon. Take the time to check out this already popular game, but now on Xbox One.

Hellpoint April – 16th

If Resident Evil wasn’t enough to fill for those who like to attack and kill hellish monsters, Hellpoint brings a new take on a trip through hell. Players don’t seem to be walking through the circles of the blazing inferno, but they will face off against some severely killer enemies ranging from fleshy beasts to cyber sentinels. Get ready to put your battle skills to the test when this game comes out.

Braveland Trilogy April 10th

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