Which Games You Should Play To Level Up Your Life

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Games – are the most powerful motivator. Everything because they are funny.

Everyone who has ever played video games or watched the game from the outside can confirm that immersing himself in virtual reality, a person experiences a lot of positive emotions.

The fact is that during the playing the levels endorphin and dopamine in the player’s body rise sharply. As a consequence, his psycho-physiological status improves and the mood rises. Real life is difficult to compete with games. You are using your willpower not for playing. Maybe you should not run from them? You have to use plays to level up your life! 

Gamification as a Part of Our Life 

The phenomenal possibilities of the games are known since the days of Antiquity, and during the later times and epochs, a number of psychologists, culturalists, and teachers have noticed the impact of the play on upbringing, training or development of any habits.

One of the first who saw a great potential in the game was Aristotle. It’s curious to read Plato’s antithetical theses. He recognizes that the game is something frivolous, but on the other hand, it is a movement, a development according to some laws, which includes an educational grain in itself.

In any case, whatever plays are, their typology is colossal. Most scientists, educators, and philosophers somehow point out that the game is a way of perceiving the world, bringing up some habits that affect all spheres of human life.

Shops have taught us to collect stickers and points, to get new levels (platinum, gold, etc.) to make us buy more and not to go to competitors.

To make life look like activity, we need to measure and record many small parameters, to set goals and appoint remuneration and to summarize.
Gamification   is successfully used in training:

– English (LinguaLeo and others);
– Programming (CodeCombat);
– Reading Arena.

You’ve read a book – you are ready to get +5 for knowledge and +1 for intuition. But in real life, you can read a hundred books, and never understand what exactly you got and how much. You can surpass your own or someone else’s achievement (High Score), pump your character, lose your health or get the points to motivation, but you won’t find a better affordable website that writes essays for you. We have done it for you, take your points.

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Goals of Using the Gamification

Remember the pleasant feeling that arises when you perform all the tasks assigned to the day? This sense of success can be transformed into almost every aspect of life and to be satisfied by the achievement of useful goals.

To experience the effectiveness of gamification for personal purposes, try one of the best free games HabitRPG.

This browser game turns your life into a quest – you create lists of tasks and habits (from which you want to get rid of and want to work out). As you progress, you will be credited with the experience and points intended to buy the hero’s things or the awards created by yourself (for example, watching a movie). If you do not fulfill your goals, your character will lose his health. You can give awards for the collected points.

A good example of the use of gamification is HubPages (a portal with user-generated content), users of which are awarded badges for specific achievements: for example, for the number of posts written and their quality. Badges are a motivation for writing quality materials and reflect the achievements of the author.

Gamification is also used in online training – indicators of progress, rewards, and icons for the implementation of modules help participants retain the incentive to take courses.

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Best to Play Games in Everyday life: 4 Methods

“I love winning. I want my life to be similar to Super Mario’s in the third version of the game.”
There are many ways to apply gaming principles in real life.

  1. How to win the war against email?
    Very often when you open the folder “Inbox” motivation and productivity come to an end. This is why mailbox gaming can be the first step in optimizing your work.
    For example, the E-mail Game service will allow you to turn a daily ritual of viewing and writing responses to letters into a fun task because for each task you will be given a particular time. The sooner you cope with it – the more points you will earn!
  2. How to stop deviating from the to-do list?
    Anyone can create a to-do list, but not everyone can follow it. That is why the gamification of the list of cases will be the second step. Todoist service (To-do list and task manager) can help, charging a certain number of points for the execution of each item of the plan.
    3. How to monitor your health?
    There are so many good online games that allow you to track your athletic achievements and health in general – from morning jogs with zombies to training with your friends.
    For example, the rather popular Fitocracy service will allow you to monitor your fitness results without losing the motivation, as you will be able to establish contact with groups of like-minded people and go to the goal together.
  3. How to create your own incentive system?
    The classical method of calculation the points and awards is, perhaps, one of the most common methods of gamification::
    Step 1: Set specific goals for yourself.
    Step 2: Determine how many points you will get for achieving each of them.
    Step 3: Track progress (select an application and systematize the tasks with it).
    Step 4: Review the goals and make the final changes.
    Step 5: Do not skimp on the reward!

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