Games With Gold For April 2019

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Games With Gold

Microsoft has just released the list of next months goodies all Xbox Live Gold subscribers will have access to for the month of April.

4 games offered up for free are split up between Xbox One and Xbox 360 with the 360 games also being playable on Xbox One through backwards compatibility.

Starting out the month of April Xbox One players will be able to grab a copy of Technomancer for free until April 30. Beginning April 16 and lasting until May 15, Live subscribers will be able to grab Outcast: Second Contact.

Over on Xbox 360, The month of April begins with an original Xbox throwback of Star Wars Battlefront II available from April 1 – 15. The online features of the game have long been discontinued, but players can still utilize programs like Xlink Kai to enjoy some online battles with friends on every Xbox console from original to Xbox One X. The second 360 game for April will be Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 which will run from April 16 – 30. Check out a brief description below of each available game!

The Technomancer

Take on the role of an ascending mage warrior in the action RPG title, The Technomancer. Feared and respected by all, you’ll develop four different combat skill trees based on three different fighting styles. Craft your weapons, take part in dynamic conversations and explore lost cities as your actions dramatically alter the story and world.

Outcast: Second Contact

Play the complete remake of the cult-classic that started the open world, action-adventure genre in Outcast: Second Contact. On Adelpha, an alien world as beautiful as it is dangerous, explore magic and science and make the right choices to save the destiny of two universes.

Star Wars Battlefront II

Take part in a battle far, far away in the classic Star Wars Battlefront II. Either play the campaign of a veteran clone trooper reminiscing of his time in the 501st Legion or enjoy multiple gameplay modes. Fight on foot in the front lines, use the force powers of a Jedi, or dogfight in space in your favorite starships, all in 16 exotic locations.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2

Defend the nation from cross-border insurgents in Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2. In this tactical shooter, command your unit and complete your missions in dynamic weather conditions and a real-time day and night cycle. You’ll have 72 hours to defeat the enemy across mountainous terrain, small towns and urban environments.


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