Games With Gold Reveals Free Games For June

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Games With Gold

If all of the sales and the free games with Xbox Game Pass weren’t enough for you, Then you can enjoy June’s lineup of freebies with Games with Gold. The new lineup includes Xbox One games Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse and Coffee Talk. Xbox 360 games are Destroy All Humans! and SINE MORA.

In Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse, players will start on a mission with Shantae, a powerless genie who must join forces with a pirate to save their cursed land. As with many platformers, Shantae will grow more dominant over the course of the game, with new weapons and powers to fight against the monsters and bosses that stand in her way.

Coffee Talk is barista therapy. The simulator game features coffee brewing and genuine talking. The only thing better than people talking about their difficulties is drinking a hot cup of joe while doing it.

Destroy All Humans! is pretty straightforward… Play as the enemies when alien Cryptosporidium 137 attacks Earth with one mission—exterminate humans and harvest their DNA.

The horizontal shooter SINE MORA makes players battle against time in a relentless environment. With both a Story mode and Arcade mode, there is a lot to like in this shmup that features satisfying gameplay and technical challenges.

The June lineup for free Games with Gold offers over $63 dollars of games.



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