Games You Can Play on Your Mobile Phone

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Among Us

Who doesn’t love playing games? They’re entertaining, allow us to connect with friends, and work as a great pastime. Usually, however, when it comes to playing games, people traditionally associate it with gaming consoles and PCs. For new gamers, this can be very off-putting. If someone is just getting into gaming, chances are they won’t want to splash out hundreds and hundreds just to see if they like it.

One thing that many people do have is a smartphone. You might be thinking, what does that have to do with gaming? There’s actually a lot of games you can play on smartphones. This means you can properly test out your hand at gaming without spending a fortune on a gaming console. But what games are available for players on smartphones?


Online Casino

Every smartphone has a browser, which is great for a number of reasons. You might automatically associate it with browsing the web to shop, gather information, and check the news. However, one thing you can do on your mobile web browser is play games. Perhaps the most popular form of mobile browser games is online casinos. They are exciting, action-packed, and contain a lot of variety. Many online casino games will also have the likes of free trials, meaning you don’t have to make any major commitments before enjoying the game. Due to the fact a majority of online casinos are available via mobile browsers, it shouldn’t matter what device you have.

Heads Up

This is essentially a modern spin on a popular party game in the past. The original would see players take turns holding a piece of paper up to their heads, without knowing its contents. Other members of the team must then describe it to the player, with a correct guess validating a point.

The modern version of the game is designed for smartphones. The premise is the same, with the game cycling through different subjects and things for the player to guess. A correct answer means the player flips their phone down, or upwards to pass the round. The game can also be adapted into a fun party game, should it suit the occasion.

Among Us

Among us is a game that really caught the internet by storm during the coronavirus pandemic. It allowed groups of players to communicate and play online in a fun, action-packed game. The game saw eight players on a ship with the mission of completing certain tasks. However, two players were marked as imposters. Their job was to kill and deceive other players. If they eliminated enough players without being found out, they would win.


Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go really took the world by storm when it was first introduced. The game got people outside walking around searching for their favorite Pokémon. You could interact with other players, as well as challenge gym leaders in your local area. The game had a real sense of community and was great for getting people out and being social.

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