Gaming Industry Growth Through Technology

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People watch the stock market carefully to see how their money is growing. They check the QS stock forecast, for example, and watch the news to see how the news affects their stock. Their stock might be in the electric vehicle sector, healthcare, industrials, or energy. One thing is certain—gaming stocks are growing. Gaming is taking the world by storm.

For a long time now, video games have been a source of entertainment for children and adults. This industry has grown over the years and is becoming a big deal in the business world. Last year, 2020, this industry generated revenue of $155 billion. It has even caught the eye of major tech giants like Google, Facebook, and Apple. They all have plans to join and be part of the growth and development of this industry. It is estimated that by 2025, the gaming industry will yield revenue of $260 billion and more.

The gaming industry is developing and growing at a very fast rate. Games have become more complicated and more natural. This is a result of the high technology used to create the game. The better it becomes, the more expensive it is also. The cost of production has become very high. The gaming industry involves 26% of the world’s population which is about two billion gamers.

Technology has highly assisted in the establishment and growth of the gaming industry. This industry would not exist if it were not for the advancements in technology. Games have become more satisfying to gamers due to the quality of the visual and audio used in the games navigation is now very easy and better. Game and gadgets functioning is made possible by the production of consoles, mobile applications, and even laptop games.

Effect of mobile phones and apps in gaming

Mobile phones have changed the structure of operations in most industries like business, education, music, and gaming in the past few years. It has been noted that in 2020, more than 50% of gaming was done on mobile phones and tablets. According to research conducted on 2016 to 2020 global gaming market, the revenue from mobile phones has increased from $40.9 billion in 2016 to $72.3 billion in 2020. This is a result of the easy accessibility and flexibility of mobile phones compared to laptops and gaming consoles.

Advances in the gaming industry

1. Facial recognition

Most games nowadays require facial recognition as either a security feature or as part of the game. Through 3D scanning and facial recognition, a game can make an avatar that looks exactly like you. Facial recognition can also be used as a source of feedback about the game to the developer, as some might watch your facial reactions while you play.

2. Voice recognition

Gaming has changed so much as shown by gamesandgadgets. This is made possible by using voice recognition to initiate specific commands in the game. You are also able to talk with other online players and interact.

3. Gesture control

Gesture control helps individuals to use their gestures in the gaming experience. Motions from your hand are recorded using a 3D camera which gets details from monitoring 22 points of your hand.

4. Virtual reality

Games have been made with very high graphics and have become so real that you can mistake the game in everyday life. This has mainly been made possible by consoles. In the future, we await the use of 7D.

5. Cloud gaming

Gaming is not limited to the amount of storage in your device as it may be done online, and all the data is saved and stored on the cloud.

6. On-demand gaming

Gamers are now able to stream games and compete with other people across the globe in real time. Though it has not yet been made a reality, streaming games will be a major boost to this sector as shown by European Business Review.


Advantages of technology to the gaming industry

In most games, people play against or with the computer, which the AI represents.

  • Digital payments

It is now easier to make digital payments as some games are linked to your credit card.

  • Improved security

Games have now improved the security of their data and that of their clients using high technology levels.

Advancement in technology has led to the satisfaction of gamers’ needs, ensuring they get a good gaming experience. In the coming years, gaming will continue to grow due to advancements in technology. The future is very bright for the gaming industry as it is ready to use and implement the advancements in technology.

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