Gaming Safety Is About More Than Online

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What’s the first thing you think of when someone brings up the subject of safe gaming? Maybe how to stay safe using an Antivirus and a VPN? That’s a good answer, one every gamer should know and put to use. But, it’s not the only answer.

Just as important as your online and electronic safety is your personal, physical safety and health. When you spend hours at a time playing and re-playing your favorite game, perhaps Mass Effect or Uncharted or something, you’re hurting yourself physically even though you’re not doing anything.

Actually, it’s because you’re not doing anything that you’re hurting yourself. Sitting still for hours on end, no matter if it’s in a super cool Game of Thrones gaming chair, is, by definition, the exact opposite of the exercise your body desperately needs.

You need a gaming station that lets you get some exercise while playing your favorite game. What you need for that is to get a HADO – Height Adjustable Desk Online.


What is a Height Adjustable Desk?

Basically, it is a desk that raises and lowers. Some are raised by electric motors, others can be hand-cranked, and a few are gravity desks that are counter-balanced so you can raise or lower them by hand and they’ll stay wherever you leave them. There is an equally wide variety of prices to suit every budget.


Sitting vs. Standing

Still not convinced? Well, fine. Let’s take a look at what some scientific and medical studies have revealed about the health benefits of sitting versus standing.

● Weight

Researchers have discovered that people who sit at work in the morning, then stand in the afternoon burn an extra 170 calories per day more than their co-workers who sit all day long at work. That’s an extra 850 calories a week!

(These numbers apply to gamers too.)

Burning those extra calories comes simply from standing, by the way. There isn’t any exercise, sit-ups, crunches, weight lifting, or stationary bicycling involved. The simple act of standing uses 50-60 calories an hour.

Needless to say, burning calories translates to losing weight, or not putting it on in the first place. All you have to do is stand for a few hours while you’re gaming to lose weight. Such a deal!


● Blood Sugar

After eating a meal your blood sugar will increase. The more it increases, the worse it is for your body. Sitting after eating raises your blood sugar more than standing.

Since food and gaming go together like salt and pepper, this should get the attention of a lot of gamers. Researchers conducted studies of office workers and divided them into two groups: one group continued sitting at their desks after lunch, the other group stood at a standing desk for three hours after lunch. The results were dramatic.

The workers who stood in the afternoon saw the spike in their blood sugar drop by as much as 47%. Just by standing, their blood sugar was 47% lower than their co-workers who kept on sitting. That translates to a 115% increase in the chance of type 2 diabetes for the people who sat after lunch.

Show me a gamer who doesn’t eat and sit, and I’ll show you a bridge I’ve got for sale. Cash only. Small bills, please.

Seriously though, get up! Your body will thank you.


● Back Pain

Chronic back pain is the number one complaint of office workers. Studies conducted on them resulted in the subjects reporting 32% less back pain after only a few weeks of using standing desks.

A similar study by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) found the same thing. Subjects in their 4-week study reported 54% less upper back and neck pain after using standing desks.


●Heart Disease

Just in case there’s any doubt, the Smithsonian published a study about standing desks and found that people who sit for more than two hours a day experienced 125% increased risk of developing heart disease and other cardiovascular problems.

125%! That’s a huge increase, just from sitting for two hours a day.

But wait, there’s more. The risk of heart failure for those who sit and get little or no exercise at all was double the risk for those who stood or exercised.


Your Game or Your Life

You don’t have to give up your games to keep your life, you just have to live your life healthier than you have been before. Get a height-adjustable desk and you can keep on playing as long as you like.


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