Gaming Side Effects: How Video Games Change You

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Gaming Side Effects

Video games are often looked down upon as a waste of time. There are tons of arguments about how extensive gaming negatively affects your physical health or even promotes violent behaviors. Notably, such claims rarely have scientific data to back them up. And actual studies on video games’ effects on the brain paint quite a different picture.

Of course, gaming for fourteen hours straight is not the healthiest choice. But done in moderation, it bears surprisingly positive results for cognitive brain functions. None of the long-term effects relate to adverse or deviant behaviors. So, here are a few things that studies proved to be true about how video games affect your brain.


Enhanced Analytical Abilities

Action video games improve overall cognitive abilities. Studies show that children who play within a few hours limit have more developed frontal regions of the brain. Thus, they can assess the situation quickly and see what has to be done. As a result, they develop better analytical skills. 

It is quite natural if you think about it. A task in an action game usually requires a player to analyze the obstacle on the spot. And a video game usually involves different types of tasks to complete. For instance, some require solving puzzles within a limited time frame to move to another level. So, there are a variety of cognitive challenges to solve.

Of course, you need to use skills not only in video games to feel its benefits. Still, contrary to popular negative bias against video games, it’s not an idle hobby. So, you shouldn’t feel guilty about indulging in gaming while sending a write my essays request to professionals. You’re getting something out of gaming in the long run. 


Quicker Decision-Making

Consequently, a better analytical assessment leads to quicker decision-making. A video game requires a player to think and act within seconds. One wrong move — and your character is dead. And you’re closer to losing. Thus, with some trial and error, you get a grip on the situation quicker after playing for some time.

So, you learn to work under pressure without giving much thought to it. A video game is a safe environment to practice correct and quick decision-making. You’re forced to act considering all your assets. But your decisions have no real-life dire consequences.

Notably, this is a reason why some pilot trainees and future surgeons practice their skills with VR simulations. Granted, performing surgery on a real person is far from playing a video game in terms of responsibility. But a game can be a good practice point for adjusting to quick thinking under significant pressure. And that’s quite a needed skill here.

Gaming Side Effects

Better Multitasking Skills 

Another unexpected effect of video games on your brain is enhanced multitasking. Ever so often, you have to fight several enemies, collect rewards, and mind time limit all at the same time. So, you need a master to do several things in seconds. And a video game gives you the motivation to do so.

Think about how many keyboard combinations you have to remember and use at the same time. Thus, your brain trains to utilize all your knowledge to complete different tasks quickly and efficiently. Besides, there are a lot of things to keep in mind when moving through levels in a video game. 

For starters, you have to be sure that you have enough supplies and means to win. Thus, apart from fighting off your enemies, you have to keep your other matters in check. You learn to work smart. And that’s a skill you’ll need not only as a student or but in your future career, like for essay writers for hire


Attention to Detail

All of the above also implies enhanced attention to detail. The more you can notice in a video game, the more likely you are to win. And if you’re competing with other players – to beat the record. Your success relies on noticing things that others will just brush off. And, of course, this skill can manifest beyond video gaming.

It all relates to collecting all possible information around you. There are tons of hidden places in video games that you need to explore to finish a task. Maybe it’s collecting certain objects or unlocking secret levels with benefits. All of that will result in getting more perks and an overall advantage over other players.

Moreover, you often have to notice these little things quickly. That means that you’re not only getting better at noticing details but doing it fast. And this skill contributes to better decision-making. Plus, you’ll probably be that one friend who notices all the mistakes and inconsistencies in movies. A fun bonus of superior skill. 

Boosted Spatial Cognition

Finally, video games also improve your sense of space and movement. Especially the ones with an open world and numerous grounds to explore. You can actually improve your coordination by regular playing. And that has been proven by studies. Gamers tend to have better spatial cognition thanks to quickly getting a grip on how to control a character.

You need to feel and understand how the character moves to adjust your own movements. That is especially important when you have to fight enemies with additional complications. For instance, it might be a fight on a rope bridge over lava. So, you not only have to avoid attacks but to be cautious about not falling. And do not forget to attack yourself.

Also, video gaming improves mental rotations. Meaning that you have a better understanding of how the object looks from different angles. Thus, even if you only see it from one perspective, you can imagine it in 3D easily. 

That’s all. Despite common biases against video games, they have some positive effects on your brain. For once, they improve your overall cognitive abilities if played in moderation. You develop better analytical assessment with essay writer and quicker decision-making. 

A lot of video games require you to find smart solutions under the pressure of time limits and enemies’ attacks. So, you also enhance your multitasking and attention to detail. And finally, you also improve your spatial cognition with a better understanding of space and objects in it. 


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