Gaming Trends That Will Take Over In 2020

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Gaming Trends

We are living in the age of digitalization where not one but countless innovations have surfaced over the years. The growth of varying industries is never stagnant. The gaming industry, in particular, is growing at a profuse rate, with zero chances of faltering. Despite all the positive aspects surrounding the future of the industry, there are people out there still unaware of leveraging the power of these advancements.

Do not fret if you aren’t updated, as well. Sometimes ignorance is bliss as could be introduced to a new trend that’s never explored before. So, if you are adamant to remain a part of the gaming realm whether on consoles, PC systems or even smartphones, here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming trends.


Cloud-Powered Gaming

Google Stadia is one impetus driving the phenomenon of cloud-powered gaming in the industry. Critics and gamers already have mixed reviews about the platform. Some even deem it as a service still in its beta stage but Google is not the only one leading the cloud gaming scene. Microsoft has made its intentions clear to introduce a similar platform. The future? The service is still in its infancy and a novelty. Critics and professionals are speculating it will be the prime center of attention in 2020. So, let’s see if cutting the cord and going completely cloud will be the next probable future of gaming.


Big Names, Going Mobile

Riot Games, on the 10th anniversary of League of Legends, announced a mobile version of the game is in the works. A renowned MOBA that stuck to PC systems for 10 years just decided to go mobile. What does that convey to you? That smartphones are beginning to bag a global audience of gamers. The recent advancements being rendered in mobile gaming technology are making gamers put their complete trust in mobile games.

One big franchise that is confirmed to go mobile is Call of Duty: Mobile. A more compact view of the game with the same experience. Of course, it will follow similar in-game mechanics as its PC or console counterparts. A fast internet connection would be required to play the multiplayer mode of the game. Many new anticipated and popular titles are coming to small screens, as well.


Augmented Reality

Although an older trend augmented reality still has its charm. It’s going strong with the emerging offerings it has to offer. Pokémon Go is treated as the pioneer that introduced augmented reality gaming even though it has existed for a while already. Games are already treated as a deviation from the real world but with meaning and leisure. Augmented reality fuses reality and a virtual world into a single game view. Surprisingly enough, the technology isn’t limited to a single industry anymore as real estate and fashion industries are fully leveraging it.

Feel Three VR Motion Simulator 

Virtual Reality

Virtual and augmented reality go hand in hand but both introduced varying innovations. While the technologies have encompassed important bits of numerous industries worldwide but expectations are the highest for the gaming industry. Consoles jumped the VR bandwagon and now console-exclusive VR games are released every year.

The technology is still in the phase of improvement. Console and PC game graphics are surely a lot better and enhanced but if you compare the first-ever VR game with the game graphics now, you will notice a massively positive difference.

JXD S192 NVIDIA Android Retro Handheld Games Console

Handheld Games & Devices

Owning a PSP or a Nintendo DS with classic games was a luxury just a few decades ago. The new face of console generation introduced controllers and handheld game devices that were set aside temporarily. But the moment Nintendo Switch was released, the tides changed and the new generation of gamers started to show interest in the newly revamped devices.

Gaming industry behemoths have promised us new additions to the handheld device generation, as well. Nintendo has something new in the works so gear up as the trend is to hit hard with nostalgia and surely, the efforts will bear fruit.

To conclude

Even if the emerging trends were endless and couldn’t easily be jotted down in a single list, the future of gaming is vast. Gaming studios are trying out new technologies and it’s likely for new trends to emerge anytime soon. VR and AR are somewhat overused in the eyes of many yet hold great popularity worldwide. The advancements are unwavering and so are our expectations.


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