Gas Station Simulator Useful Tips And Tricks

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Gas Station Simulator

Gas Station Simulator is a brilliant game, I give you that but it gets a bit hectic at times, stocking, selling, refueling, denting, and most of all cleaning the station, So here we have a collection of tips, having spent a fair amount of time on-site and maxed out all the buildings.

The question you might ask is how to make money in Gas Station Simulator? That’s very obvious, but the quickest way is to get a loan, and the most important earner is repairing cars in the workshop. That said, if you have a lot of variation in stock on your shop floor, there’s potential for that to be a speedier way to make money.


Gas Station Simulator Tips

The Big Red Button

The most powerful Gas Station Simulator tip I can give is hitting the big red button next to the open/close switch at the station’s front. I can’t recall if this was mentioned in the tutorial, but Drago Entertainment has since released an update and discussed the button once more, It is useful for many things, especially for stuck delivery, fuel, and dump trucks.

There’s no bad outcome other than a UFO taking all cars and people on-site, but it’ll give a bit of breathing space to get everyone set up again.


Don’t Worry About Dennis

Dennis is a pain in the arse, but his spraypaint antics aren’t as bad as in Gas Station Simulator Prologue. Sure, it’s horrid having a cock painted on the side of your business, but it doesn’t change the customer’s viewpoint. Other than the cosmetic element, his spray painting the walls can be ignored.


Completing Objectives

To level up the station, you have to finish tasks such as filling up tanks, serving on the register, fixing cars in the workshop, and getting tips. All of these tasks can be done by employees, but I’d suggest you start with the register.


Upgrade Your Features

Decorations aren’t as essential as the feature upgrades. Installing new parking spaces improves the stream of customers, and toilets will fast track popularity as the more customers, the more there is a need for facilities.

The Gas Station Simulator bus stop is a requirement, but its only purpose is to bring in an influx of customers and make you mad and then that boosts your earnings but destroys your pump.


Party People

When you hear party bus arriving, make sure to pack your shelves with everything you’ve got. These party customers are like junkies they will buy everything so this is an excellent way to earn some cash.

It’s not so important to serve them yourself, so I say keep some employees on the till and you manually cleaning while they’re in the queue – sweeping and picking up the trash as they frequently make a mess while on your business, which will lower the popularity.


Check Your Stock

Diversity is the spice of life, as it is in retail too. Making sure to get the relevant helves so you can stock a wide variety of goods. It’s not about selling many of the same products, but the more choice, the more consumers will spend.

Start small and buy all available shelves based on your level, and try to get one of everything. Keep it frequently stocked, then expand to the bigger shelves.


Fix My Ride

Always try to stock up on car parts when at a profit. It might be worth taking out a loan and buying a dozen tyres as these are the most required parts and give a good return.

Suppose you see a notification that a customer is at the garage, head there straight away, and activate the button that raises the ramps. This locks them in, so to speak so that if you don’t have the parts, you can order from the computer, get them delivered, complete the work without them leaving.

If you don’t put them on the ramp, they’ll get impatient and leave, and based on the income; it’s not worth losing them. You do have a large window to service them, however.


Keep An Eye On Fuel

In my opinion, the fuelling sections are the easiest to do, and I’d suggest boosting with the left shift key each time you fill up. The only time you’ll lose your exactness is when you’re out of fuel.

Fuel can be taken from the computer, but note your size and the cost, as you can only buy in specified units. If you get the warning that fuel is low, order asap. If you have someone working on the pumps and the fuel runs out, they’ll come back to their trailer.


Hire As Much As You Can

I have five employees in the end, and despite giving them the same allocated role to raise their stats, they don’t get that much better. Ideally, you need to have people stationed on the register, fuel, and at least two on the cleaning duty.


Gas Station Simulator Employees

Too many times where my stuff would get lost in the warehouse, and as a result, they’d get stuck behind the door and walk on the spot. This could normally be rectified by opening the door from both sides, but you may have to press that big red reset button.

When on the fuel and register, they’re very good, but cleaning is not their strong suit. They’ll pick up track alone, but I never once saw them empty the bins, and once they’re full and letting out green fumes, your reputation will drop. Once again, two staff cleaning is a good incentive.

They’re supposed to work around 8-hour shifts and then will go back to their trailers. They aren’t automated in shifts, so once they leave their duty, they’ll sit by their trailers until you ask them. However, they don’t cost when not working.

Rather than go to their trailers to speak to them and assign roles, you can do all that from the computer. By default, pay them before giving them work – you can pay a premium to increase their performance, but it’s not worth it.

Instead, you’ll want to put them in the same role to level up their stats, but it might be worth making them all-rounders should another run out of juice and go back home. An additional reason is that you’ll unlock an achievement if you max out all their stats to 10.

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