GEARS 5 Coming Out With New Content with Operation 3: Gridiron

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Gears 5 got some new content for gamers to have fun with Operation 3: Gridiron. This brings a new capture-the-flag mode called Gridiron where each team is trying to get the neutral flag to their opponent’s endzone. You only get one life. You pick the flag up by simply touching it, and then if you can hold it in the opposite endzone for five seconds, you get a point. The winning team is the first one to reach 13 points and each round has a time deadline of only two minutes to assure quick games.

Gridiron isn’t the only new Gears 5 content. Fans will also see that in Horde and Escape you’ll be able to play as Clayton Carmine and Augustus Cole. They’ll also be available in Versus mode along with Queen Myrrah and her elite Theron Guard.

In Horde and Escape, the Cole Train is an unstoppable force as an offensive hero, bringing a brand-new ultimate that leaves a trail of fire in his wake that can stagger and ignite enemies. Clayton Carmine is an unkillable frontline warrior, packing a new ultimate that deflects all ballistic damage back at his enemies for a short time – the perfect trump card for a sticky situation.

This new content also brings new maps to the game. Pahanu gives players some different options such as natural cover and position-obscuring fauna. Meanwhile, Canals makes its comeback for fans of the games since 2006. Meanwhile, Arena and Annex are two new 2v2 maps that have also been added.

Finally, the Tour of Duty will come back. Players gain two Objective slots for generic goals with additional slots available for PvE and PvP content. This delivers with it some new Achievements for players to work towards. Retroactive tracking will be available for related achievements.


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