GEARS 5 Horde Mode Reveal + Halo Reach Character Pack

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gears 5

A huge achievement for the Gears of War franchise is the Horde mode and how it keeps evolving. Horde is a cooperative, wave survival mode that has been with the franchise ever since the second game came out. The mode has changed over time with each addition to the franchise and keep on doing so in the upcoming Gears 5.

As seen in the trailer, Gears 5’s Horde mode gives brand new ways to play, by providing playable characters different, ultimate skills. These abilities are different to each character, not a class. The game-mode also gives a fresh take on the base construction dynamic of the game, as well as the skill card method. You can watch Rod Fergusson and Ryan Cleven, from The Coalition, break down the new improvements and additions below.

With the Horde mode show, it was also revealed that a Halo: Reach character pack is available to buy with Gears 5: Ultimate Edition, or an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. The pack presents you access to Emile and Kat, as playable characters over all modes, as well as themed weapon skins, a banner, and blood-spray.


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