GEARS 5 Operation 3 Details Coming Next Tuesday, Ranked System Reworked

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The Coalition announced the name of Gears 5’s upcoming Operation 3, Gridiron. They also released the key art, giving players a small taste of what is coming in the next operation for Gears 5. On March 24th, The Coalition plan to give some more details regarding Operation 3 with a new trailer and special edition of “Whats’s Up” dedicated to Gridiron.

Operation 3 will arrive on March 31st.


The Coalition also plans to fully rework Gears 5’s ranked system. If you have encountered ranked play in Gears 5 you would know that it just isn’t where it needs to be. The Coalition is aware of the fans’ difficulties with the ranking system’s need for transparency, and how the mode puts players into bad situations, baring the game of any enjoyment.

The entire process will take time, as they are running away from their current ranked model and creating a new one, so adjustments will come slowly but surely. However, players can expect some important changes coming with the release of Operation 3. Players will no longer be allowed to play split-screen in Ranked matches, besides 2v2 Gnasher, and players below level 30 will no longer be allowed to play Ranked matches unless they queue with a higher level player.

For a more comprehensive look at the road ahead for Ranked play and the enhancements to come, you can check out the official blog post from The Coalition.

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