GEARS 5’s Next Operation Details and New Trailer Released

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The next operation for Gears 5 is coming out soon, and we need to be ready fo rit, The Coalition has released a special “What’s Up” blog post dedicated to Operation 3: Gridiron. The post comes with a ton of new information about Gridiron, including a very informational trailer outlining the operation.

You can view the trailer above.


Similar to Operation 2: Free For All, Operation 3: Gridiron will introduce a new game mode, new playable characters, new maps, and a fresh Tour of Duty packed with a lot of brand new content for players to unlock.

The new game mode, Gridiron, is a single life objective mode. Two teams of five battle over a flag that can be used to score points by taking it to the enemy team’s endzone. Points can also be obtained by clearing out the whole enemy team, as everyone only has one life, or by holding on to the flag when the round timer turn to zero.

Augustus Cole and Clayton Carmine, as well as Queen Myrrah and the Theron Guard, will be coming back as playable characters in Gears 5. Each character will have their own special powers for Horde and load-outs for Arcade.

The Operation will include brand new maps like Pahanu, Annex, and Arena. The fan-favorite map, Canals, will also be coming back to the game with its new look that was revealed back in Gears 4.

Operation 3: Gridiron goes live on March 31st. The patch notes, as well as a list of new features coming to Gears 5 will be available on Monday, March 30th. If you want to know more about the upcoming Operation, you can check out the official “What’s Up” blog post dedicated to Gridiron.

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