GEARS POP! Will Be Released On Mobile August 22nd

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Gears POP! is a mobile spin-off  Gears of War franchise, and plays related to that of Clash Royale. The game was first revealed during the Xbox conference at E3 2018 and after that, we have gotten clips of game-play and cute animated shorts featuring characters from the game; one of which released at Gamescom this week. 

At the end of the short, it was shown that the game will be available to play on Thursday, August 22nd on Android, iOS, and Windows 10. If you were tuned in to the Inside Xbox live-stream on Mixer during any point of the stream and were logged in to your Microsoft account, you will get an exclusive in-game item when it releases. Will you be trying out Gears POP! when it will release later this week?


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