Geekest Products of the Week, March Edition

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Be it for outdoor camping or some impromptu outdoor party in your backyard, the Burnie Portable Campire will be a handy accessory whenever you wish to enjoy grilled food on the go. It has been made out of 100% natural wood and includes zero chemicals.


Keep your MacBook’s palm rest as clean as ever. The purpose of designing this innerexile Zura Palm Rest Protector is to maintain a comfortable and clean palm rest for your MacBook. Made of a natural bamboo surface, the zura has been carefully treated with germproof coating. It will keep your MacBook protected from smudges, scratches, grease as well as fading.


Preparing sushi at home is just one roller away. By using the Perfect Sushi Roller by Leifheit, you’ll now be able to taste the food beauty from Japanese cuisine at home any day. The roller comes with a recipe book that will guide you through the process and make it easy for you to prepare sushi at home.


Transfer photos instantly from the camera you already own. The Eyefi Mobi Pro SD Card works like a regular SDHC card with an extra built-in WiFi feature. This will allow you to pair your camera to your smartphone, tablet, PC, or Mac instantly and thus help in enhancing the photo transfer process.


Track the cooking status of four different steaks at once. By using the Steak Station Thermometer, you’ll be able to cook your steaks to perfection every time. It uses an easy to use color coated probe system which in turn will allow the griller to keep track of different desired degrees of four steaks at once.


The first batch of Model One Black watches will be limited to 500 pieces and will ship in Summer 2015. 316L Stainless, Steel Case with Black PVD Hardcoat, Brushed with hand-polished accents, Guilloché textured high-impact Ion-Exchange glass crystal and case back, Olio’s Signature copper Rapid-Charge Coil.


Your keys are always with you when you leave the house. That’s the idea behind NomadKey for Pebble smartwatch–it’s shaped like a key and fits easily on your keychain. You’ll never leave it behind, and won’t even notice you’re carrying it. NomadKey for Pebble smartwatch works just like the Pebble charging cable that came with your watch. It’s just a heck of a lot shorter.


Retrospect the vintage movie theater experience at home. The End Print is designed for those who love to live in the golden era of cartoons which always ended with this traditional “The End” sign! It’s a 15.7 x 11.8 print on a loom frame that can be used to decorate your favorite corner of the house.


Enjoy continuous flight time of up to 5 minutes. You need not underestimate the power of the Infrared Nano Falcon Alpha RC Helicopter because of its size. From rotating at any angle to rising and falling, this helicopter can undergo an operational distance of 5 m. It will require a charge time of approximately 30 minutes and includes a rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery.


Perfect to store your bike safely indoors. Make has come up with this brilliant Bike Rack that is wall-mounted and comes with a shelf to store your bike inside as well as expose it at the same time. The rack has been beautifully carved out of solid wood (you can choose from walnut or maple) and includes custom handmade bronze screw caps in order to hide the mounting screws.


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