Geeky Ways To Celebrate Your Special Occasion

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Being a geek is fun, more so when you have people in your life who share your interests and goals. And when the time comes to celebrate a special moment in your life, you should go all out. Let your hair down and let the fun side come out. Don that tee you have always wanted to wear but didn’t want to because you felt some type of way about it. For 10th anniversary gifts for her, think outside the box and impress her with your selection prowess. And while you are at it, plan a party that will leave tongues wagging for the months to come. Here is how you can accomplish this:


Enjoy Theatre

The term geek has changed over time. In the past, people thought of geeks as overly intellectual beings who were all about tech and games. But now that definition has changed. As long as you are passionate about a topic that does not fall under mainstream trends, pulls up a chair. You are part of the gang!

With this in mind, you can use this special occasion as a time to hang out with your friends at the theatre. So many productions have come up with promising stories that are sure to have you on the edge of your seat. This setup works best with friends. But if you want some alone time with your spouse, you can do without the troupe. Get tickets for production and await the magic that will be on the show.

Alternatively, you can have more fun by setting up a celebration with theatre in mind. Start by looking for a venue where you can have fun without disrupting other people. A restaurant would serve as an excellent location as it would also provide food, drinks, and sound systems. Or you can get another venue and hire someone to provide what you need for the day.

If you have been planning for a while, you probably have enough cash to splurge on an entire cinema. Why create a feeling when you can rent out the whole theatre? Or transform your home into a cinema by creating a stage and putting on a musical. To add to the fun, have the guests come dressed up in costume based on the theme for the day, eh?


Play Games

No, this does not refer to board games, though they would also serve as a great way to spend the day. How about something that gets you out of the house and into another realm? We are talking about laser tag! Form teams and fight to the end. If you have been looking for a way to impress that new girl in the group, this is the time to do it. All you have to do is stay alive. And maybe you could have a damsel in distress moment, allowing you to step up and earn some major points. That should earn you a pat on the back, and who knows? Maybe even a date. With that picture in mind, you can go ahead and book the venue today.

Alternatively, you could settle in for some video games. It would be an excellent way to unwind and catch up with each other. But if this is for an anniversary, make sure that you have some fun during the day before settling into a routine. There should be a clear divide between what you usually do and what serves as a fun activity for special days.

As you play your games, you can have someone on the decks, blasting some tunes into the room. In the corner, you could have someone serving some delicious treats to your guests. It would be a mix of everything you love: your spouse, good food, and engaging music.


Make a Website

You have probably worked on a website before. But have you ever dedicated one to that special person in your life? Yes, that’s right. Buy a special domain and use it in creating a website where you can express how much you love your partner. It is a geeky way to show affection, and it will work great. It allows you to be who you are while proving that you are quite the catch! And if you are yet to pop the question, how about doing it in this way?

Have yourself a fun-filled geeky celebration!


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