GENERATION ZERO Open-World Stealth-Action Now on Xbox Game Pass

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Xbox Game Pass subscribers on PC and Xbox consoles will now enjoy System Reaction’s post-apocalyptic stealth game, Generation Zero for free as part of the service!

The game is set in 1980s Sweden, you play as one of many teens who come back home from a trip to find that everyone is missing. Not only that but the world is being invaded by robots. The robots look scary and that makes this game so perfect.

Alongside the coming out on Game Pass, Xbox players will also be able to take benefit of the all-new “Resistance” update which makes new stories and risks to the game as well as a new base-building system and world changes.

  • Base-Building & Defense: Secure your own unique outpost, customize it as you see fit, and protect it from waves of invading machines in new home base defense missions.

  • New World Revamps: Extensive redesign of the forest region, adding more fun surprises and environmental storytelling to explore.

  • New Crafting Items: Discover and craft new consumable items with each successful defense of your base.

  • Bonus Challenge Tree: Take on new challenges focused on base building.

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