Genesis 3D Printer Range Launches On Kickstarter

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Genesis 3D Printer Range Launches On Kickstarter

The 3D printer range is fitted with a full sized LCD screens for feedback and menu navigation and support either printing from an SD card or via a cable connection to a computer.

“To make this amazing 3D printer, we first had to address the technical and design issues that were the source of high cost of many consumer 3D printers on the current market. Many of the cartesian square-shaped and delta 3D printers make inefficient use of structural material strength and unused space. 

Our patent-pending design, which exploits material strength and rigidity of properly mounted axis, removes nearly half the structural volume and components while alllowing large build volume of up to 1 cubic feet without raising the cost.

Every component of the Genesis 3D printer was designed with multi-functionality to reduce manufacturing cost of redundant components. In addition, all electronics are housed together to further lower the time and cost needed for cable management. Our cantilever design is produced in such a way that it eliminates bend or misalignment, and has been designed to withstand any rapid print movement or handling.

Dual-extruder printers in the present market perform at slow print speed due to bulky motors on the axis. In order to address this problem, we incorporated a lightweight, well-tuned bowden system that allows incredible fast print speeds of up to 150mm/s and quality of up to 300 microns.”

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