Genius Wireless Bed Headphones Headband

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Genius Wireless Bed Headphones Headband

Unlike painful ear buds or bulky headphones, our TellyPhones by SleepPhones allow you to comfortably listen to TV programs wirelessly from bed without interrupting your partner’s sleep.

Genius Wireless Bed Headphones Headband

  •  headphones offer lightweight, ultra-thin speakers embedded inside a soft and cozy headband.
  • SleepPhones headphones receive audio wirelessly from a Bluetooth® transmitter (included) that connects to your TV. The transmitter can plug into a television’s audio port with the included RCA cable, or connects with the included USB and 3.5mm speaker cables, to a computer, smartphone, or almost any audio device.
  • The headband’s rechargeable battery provides 10-13 hours of listening from a three-hour charge with the included AC adapter.
  • Machine-washable, wicking headband.

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