Genshin Impact’s Next Update Will Add Two New Biomes

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Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact’s upcoming Sumeru update is set to add some lovely new areas to explore, and the game’s developers released a look at some of the new zones in a new video.

The new areas will be split into two main zones: a rainforest and a desert, environment artist Jax Huang says in the video. The rainforest is loaded with rolling hills, lush vegetation, and tall trees. The desert biome, on the other hand, is more empty but also contains ruins with intricate architecture. Both look like natural additions to Genshin Impact’s rich and multicolor environments.

The Sumeru update will be Genshin Impact’s 3.0 release. It doesn’t have an official release date just yet, but it’s expected to come out near the end of August.

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