Geometry Dash Meltdown – A Game of Its Kind

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Geometry Dash Meltdown

The game called Geometry Dash Meltdown offers a basic concept of playing that is not difficult to follow. It is designed as a geometry dash sequel and designed to test reflexes of the players at different difficulty levels. Every player is given a character that needs to be defended against 2D obstacles. These are geometrical forms. If an obstacle is touched, you lose out. This sounds easy and will entice anyone to start playing.

Gamers who love a challenge will warm up fast and be able to reach higher levels soon enough of this Geometry Dash game. GTA gamers would think that this game would be easy to finish, but many will find that it is not. Hence there would be frustrations coming in the way. Players need to be patient in order to get through different levels. Many would think that it would be easy to roam around geometrical shapes, but that is not it. There are different attitudes that players can take towards the game and that is what is unique.

The game is called Meltdown, it is not that it keeps you from winning; the fact is that you will get angry with every mistake you make and lose focus which prevents you from winning the game.

The levels make it funny and interesting for the players. There are YouTube videos which can help players to walk through the game; however, knowing the cheats will take the fun away from the game. The game is more enjoyable when you take up every level and work through it as it helps one to get better as well as develop their own skills more. Every player will feel encouraged as they find themselves getting better at the game. When you like the game you become dependent on it; however, it is important to time your game so that you do not ruin your work. Ensure that you stay patient and plan to play so that your work is not ruined.

The music of the game also makes the experience unique. The audiovisual experience of the game goes in harmony with the levels and this synchronization helps to provide a fuller experience. The music definitely makes its presence felt and helps warn gamers when there are monsters over whom one has to jump over. This helps one when they are moving from platforming to flying segments.

The other aspect of the game is that it does not get boring or repetitive. There are changing visuals, platforms that move, triangular spikes, ceilings that drop as well as sharks thrown in. With such changing effects and challenges, players will remain hooked to the game. It is funny that the game also tells you the number of attempts you had to put in order to win each level.

These are some of the aspects that make this game unique as well as promises to be popular with gamers of different levels, whether they are novices or experienced players.


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