Get Affordable Wi-Fi 6 Routers With TP-Link Archer Line

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TP-Link Archer Line

Wi-Fi 6, is 802.11ax WiFi and it is the next step in WiFi technology. Its architecture works to improve the speed at home, improve the efficiency of your connection, and decrease the congestion from your connected gadgets. The only drawback for consumers at the early stage in Wi-Fi 6 hardware development is the huge price that accompanies the modern stock of routers. Devices from TP-Link, ASUS, and Netgear cost $300 or more depending on the model. Which is a problem for many home users.

TP-Link, though, has launched two new routers in their Archer line which ensure Wi-Fi 6 technology at a very affordable price. At $69 and $129 respectively, the Archer AX1500 and the Archer AX3000 will offer features that will improve your router setup and update your WiFi to the next generation.

Here are the features available on the Archer AX3000:

Wi-Fi 6 Technology Featuring Intel: Wi-Fi 6 technology achieves up to 3x faster speeds, higher capacity and lower latency compared to the previous generation of Wi-Fi 5 while the power of Intel’s dual-core CPU ensures your experience is smooth and buffer-free.

  • Next-Gen 3 Gbps Speeds: Reaches incredible speeds up to 3 Gbps (2402 Mbps on 5 GHz band and 574 Mbps on 2.4 GHz band) for faster streaming and gaming like you have never experienced before.

  • Connect More Devices: Simultaneously communicate more data to more devices using revolutionary OFDMA technology.

  • Minimize Lag for All Devices and Applications: Experience ultra-smooth entertainment whether you are streaming 4K videos, gaming online, or even video chatting with up to 75% reduced lag.

  • More Coverage with Less Interference: Achieve the strongest, most reliable WiFi coverage with Archer AX3000 as it focuses signal strength to your devices using Beamforming technology and color codes your data communications, eliminating interference from neighboring routers using innovative BSS Color.

  • Increased Battery Life for Devices: Target Wake Time technology reduces your devices’ power consumption to extend their battery life.

  • Easy Setup: Set up your router in minutes with the powerful TP-Link Tether App

  • Backward Compatible: Archer AX3000 supports all previous 802.11 standards and all WiFi devices

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The Archer AX1500 comes with similar specifications, but it’s not as strong. You may not mind that at all, however, given the under-$100 price tag with the more affordable model.

TP-Link is the only one that has next-gen hardware at this very affordable price, though. If you’re looking to upgrade to Wi-Fi 6, then these two new Archer routers you should seriously consider.

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