How To Get Better Cyber Security Without All The Expense

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Cyber Security

An absolute necessity for companies these days is reliable cyber security. It’s not only the huge corporations that are being targeted by hackers today, it’s also small businesses. It can be hard to recover your reputation and client or customer base after hackers steal your customers’ credit card information. It can pretty much destroy your company through lost business and negative PR. A cyber security breach can undo months and years of strategic PR and marketing strategies, and cause serious hurt and harm to any company. That being said, it is fairly understood that if you own any type of business, you should have an online security strategy to help keep yourself and your company safe. While you want to prevent situations like these, hiring IT staff can be extremely expensive and take a lot of time that you may not have or can’t afford to give. If you are a company on a slim budget, it will probably be more than you can afford. With that in mind, below are a few ways you can get better cyber security without all the expense.

Consider Cloud Backup

There have been some rumblings in the past about breeches into cloud networks, but the security of cloud services has greatly improved since then. One good way a small business can implement cloud hosting is by producing routine automatic backups of systems and files. That way, if something goes wrong, your information will be safe. This is a good idea to implement into your business not just for cyber security reasons, but for general security reasons as well. If you have a back-up of your business information, it could save your business if your company technology was ever stolen or damaged by fire or water. It’s also important to remember you must protect your file back-ups, especially if they have client information on them, and store them in secure places that only those who should have access to them do. Ransomware that take’s a company’s data hostage and only releases it in exchange for untraceable bitcoins is a big problem these days. Having cloud backups can save you from this threat, as well as data loss from things like power surges, extreme weather, or overheating servers. Overall, the cost of cloud hosting is very cheap considering what can go wrong if all your data is only stored locally. Do your research and find safe, affordable, reliable data storage options

Secure Your Computers And Browsers With Free Software

It is true that certain virus scanners and security tools require expensive monthly payments. However, there are other options that are far cheaper and some that are available for free. For example, Malwarebytes, one of the most commonly used malware scanners, can be downloaded and used for free. Similarly, there are many shareware programs you can use to scan for viruses and threats when using internet browsers. Updating your own operating system’s security can be done for free as well. Windows, Mac, Linux, and other operating systems are routinely updated to fix security gaps to make users’ computers more secure from threats. Do you research and consider talking with trusted colleagues to see which cyber security software is free or more affordable for your type of business and niche market. When using free software, it is important to remember to compare and ensure you aren’t losing any vital information for the sake of a few pennies. Consult with your management team or business operatives to decide what your company is looking for in cyber security, your budget, and what/if you’re willing to compromise any security to better fit the budget. There are plenty of affordable options out there, so you should be able to find some sort of cyber security option that will work perfectly for your budget and your business needs.

Get Educated

Lastly, you won’t need to hire IT staff if you have the knowledge yourself. You may have extra time in your work schedule, or your business may still be in the small start-up phase and hiring IT professionals really isn’t feasible and in the budget right now. Either way, educating yourself is only going to help you be a better business employee and manager. If cyber security is an important part of your business, consider furthering your education by obtaining a master degree in information assurance. This can be done in far less time and for far less expense than you may first assume, and it will make you a more competitive business and a more valuable employee. You could also look at it like an investment in your own company and yourself. Rather than paying someone to be your employee and manage the IT side of things, you could invest in yourself and I would be a business investment versus an expense. By expanding your knowledge of online security, you could potentially save your business and company money in the future when your skills are needed. You could also save your company future business expenses by keeping their online security up-to-date, which could help avoid expensive cyber-attacks that can be ghastly to any business operation.

Overall, cyber security is an absolute priority for running a secure business these days. Even if you have to stretch your money to make cyber security feasible for your company, you must do so. A significant breech could cost your business far more in terms of lost revenue. Along with what we discussed above, there are many other options for online business security. It may be a good idea to talk to your colleagues and business connections to see what has worked for their businesses regarding online security. This could also be useful in regard to business referrals to help you find the necessary resources you need for your company. Either way you choose to go about it, any education or information you obtain on cyber security will be useful for yourself and your business. Use these ideas to help get you started in better cyber security.



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