Get Hyped for June with the New STREET FIGHTER 6 Showcase

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Capcom, the popular video game company, recently held a 30-minute presentation showcasing the upcoming Street Fighter 6 game. The presentation was filled with exciting news, including updates on the World Tour, Custom Avatar Battles, Accessibility, and more.

One of the most significant announcements during the presentation was the introduction of a new location called Nayshall in the World Tour. Nayshall is a developing nation located in a remote area of Asia, where your custom avatar can meet and train with iconic Masters. There are 18 launch characters to choose from, and your bond with each Master will grow as you complete missions and give them presents. Additionally, new RPG elements have been added, including the ability to consume items and food, as well as a Skill Tree to customize your move set.

Custom avatars can be taken from the World Tour into Avatar Battles against other players online, allowing you to mix and match moves from different Masters. This feature adds a new dimension to the game and allows your personal style to shine.

Capcom has also made efforts to increase accessibility in Street Fighter 6. Innovative sound design will inform players of their proximity to opponents, the height of attacks, remaining Drive Gauge, and more. The game will also offer tutorials, character guides, and combo trials to help players master the game. A new Dynamic control type has been introduced, featuring an auto-attack button and AI assistance with combos and attacks.

Other updates include the introduction of Battle Damage in select offline modes, adjustments to Ranked Matches, and the ability to create your own Club in the Battle Hub for friends and like-minded players. Four new characters will launch over the course of the first year, with Rashid of the Turbulent Wind arriving this summer, followed by A.K.I. in the fall, Ed in the winter, and Akuma in the spring.

Street Fighter 6 is set to release on June 2 for PC, PS4/5, and Xbox Series X|S consoles, with physical copies available at retailers such as GameStop. For those who can’t wait, a free demo will be available starting April 26, featuring tutorials and character guides for Luke and Ryu, as well as the opening of World Tour and avatar creation. Avatars will be transferable to the full game on the same platform.

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