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Surface Pro

The Surface Pro is a combination of innovation and practicality. It’s a highly capable laptop that can be converted into a tablet on the go. The device’s design makes it incredibly versatile and also makes it stand out. The Surface Pro follows the modern sleek form factor that has become rather common in laptops. Sleek laptops look amazing and they are also a lot more portable. However, sleek looks and weight cutting come at a cost. Much like many other modern laptops, the Surface Pro is quite fragile.

The minute bezels leave the screen vulnerable to damage from even the slightest falls. And the thin body of the device means that there isn’t a lot protecting the internals from the outside world. Surface Pros are prone to get damaged, especially if you’re a little clumsy and you take your device with you everywhere you go.

When you end up damaging your device, what should you do? Should you accept the fact that your device is no longer usable and buy a new one, or should you try to get it repaired? Most people don’t like the idea of having their devices repaired. This is due to the fact that we get to hear about so many bad experiences related to repair jobs. We all know someone who had their laptop repaired and now they feel like their device doesn’t work like it used to. This usually happens because people end up handing their devices to repairmen who aren’t trained or experienced. One should only hand their devices to proper technicians, such as the ones you can find at BreakFixNow.

If you have a damaged or broken Surface Pro lying around your house, you shouldn’t think about throwing it in the trash. In the right hands, there’s a very good chance that your Surface Pro can have a second chance at life.


Common Problems in a Surface Pro That Can Be Fixed

A great thing about Microsoft’s products is that they aren’t repaired unfriendly. With a bit of know-how and the right spare parts, you can bring even a severely damaged laptop back to life. Before you head out to get your device repaired, it’s a good idea to do a bit of research on what can be wrong with your device. Being informed about your device’s state will make things easier for you and your repair technician.

Damaged Screen

This is a no brainer, identifying a damaged screen is incredibly easy because the damage is really obvious. If your screen is cracked or it isn’t displaying things properly then your screen is in need of repairs. However, in some cases, your screen may act up without any noticeable damage. When this happens, your screen’s internal connections could be damaged.

The Surface Pro has a touchscreen display. Sometimes, the touch screen begins malfunctioning. This can be annoying as it limits the device’s capabilities by quite a bit. A faulty touch screen can be fixed quite easily by a trained professional.

Surface Pro

Audio Problems

Your laptop’s speakers can get damaged in a number of ways. From sounding off to not working at all, damaged speakers can be annoying. People who regularly take their devices around often end up with faulty speakers.

Battery Issues

Pretty much every laptop’s battery will start annoying you at some point. And when this happens, your laptop’s usability becomes very limited. A faulty or dying battery can be identified by bad battery times and your laptop randomly shutting down on you. In most laptops, battery replacements are really straightforward. However, the Surface Pro has an internal battery that can only be removed by disassembling the laptop. This makes the battery replacement slightly more technical.

Motherboard Failure

If your laptop simply dies on you and doesn’t turn on at all, then there is a chance that its motherboard has failed. Motherboard failure is serious, but it is not irreparable. The best way to identify motherboard failure is that your laptop does not startup. It can be tricky to pinpoint since there are a handful of other reasons why your laptop may not a startup. Your best bet is to get in touch with a technician while diagnosing this problem.

The Surface Pro isn’t a finicky device. It is well built and definitely worth the money. However, it isn’t perfect and it is prone to breaking down eventually. However, as long as you have a reliable repair service nearby, you can extend the life of your device by quite a margin. A bit of repair work can greatly increase your device’s usability, and at a fraction of what that device cost you originally. Finding useful technicians used to be hard, but now we have repair companies out there that take their work very seriously.

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