Get on the LEGO City Undercover Chase!

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LEGO City Undercover

The LEGO City has just one problem – Criminals! And it is your job as rookie Officer Chase McCain of the LEGO City Police Department (LCPD) to rid the city of them by almost any means possible, even if it means going undercover.

Sequel to The LEGO City Undercover

The LEGO City Undercover: The Chase Begins is the prequel to The LEGO City Undercover that was only created for the Nintendo Wii U. The Chase Begins which was released in April 2013 was created to be played on the Nintendo 3DS and the Switch. The game has a custom title and storyline, unlike previously released LEGO games which carried licensed titles. The Switch version offers the option of either single-player or multiplayer mode where two persons can play the game. This is a great perk except for the fact that it sometimes gets a glitch when in multiplayer mode. The features some of the most notable LEGO City sets. To see reviews of these sets, visit BrickPals.

Chase McCain’s Undercover Story

The game begins in an open-world adventure and action game with an awesome storyline. The game follows the story of rookie Officer Chase McCain as he tries to bust crime in LEGO City. The game is ideal for kids; there is also some semblance of the GTA style (without the vulgarity and obscenities) to the game. Unlike in GTA where the main character is a criminal, the main character in The Chase Begins – Chase McCain is a police officer who has a mission to arrest every criminal in the city and this is achieved by going undercover in most cases.

The game basically involves Officer Chase McCain fighting the bad guys, a task which requires him to grab cars sometimes to pursue the bad guys. He sometimes has to drive to the point of his next mission. He navigates the city to track down criminals who must be arrested and find LEGO collectibles. The game also affords him the opportunity to exercise some powers which are activated when he wears an undercover disguise. Officer Chase takes a few hits sometimes when fighting the bad guys in hand-to-hand combat but with his weapons (freeze rays, egg shooters, and other breathtaking ones) and disguise powers, he always manages to grab and arrest them. Beating the boss in each zone gives you a sense of achievement morally. Once he completes the boss fight for each region, he moves on to the next mission where he has a new undercover disguise outfit and a new gang to deal with. Yes, it is one incredible mission after another incredible mission.

Chase’s Story is Suitable for Young Children (Parental Discretion is Advised)

The game is rated 10+ by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB), citing cartoon violence and crude humor. It seems that the game is all good for the rating. But it is rated TEEN for Language as shown on Amazon, so you should probably keep an eye out for that although some parents have stated that they played the game with their kids who are younger than age 10, even as young as age 5 and 6. The game is actually designed for kids from age 6 and up as long as you can offer them parental guidance as they play, which is something you would find a lot of joy in.

The Length of Chase’s Adventures

The game is approximately 8 hours long. This does not mean they should play the whole game in one stretch, you should ensure that your kids play it only when they have free time, not when they should be doing something more important like homework assignments. An excellent point is that the game may be played entirely offline and your progress on the game is saved automatically. There is also a feature that allows you to set the subtitle or full interface to other languages apart from English.

A Look at the Ratings and Price

On a general level, the game scores a GOOD rating from most reviews but not exactly EXCELLENT. Most poor reviews of the game are from players who played the game on the 3DS citing some drawbacks. There is a lesser presence of the voice acting in the 3DS version when compared to the Wii U version, except for a few cutscenes. The voice acting was one of the elements that helped the Wii U version to parody crime movies and show the humor of it effectively. A major turn-off of the game, especially in the 3DS version is the long loading screen that appears before you enter a new zone. Also, open space areas have a sort of foggy display on the 3DS which kinds of douses the fun of the game a little.

Objects drift out of screen view when you move a far distance from them, except for objects that are crucial to completing the mission, e.g. collectibles (bricks and studs), and your target when you are in hot pursuit. There are also fewer people who appear in it although the characterization has been maintained throughout the evolving versions. With regard to pricing, the price of the game is satisfactory since it is on par with other LEGO games.


The LEGO City Undercover: The Chase Begins provides kids with an exciting adventure, and it is equally attractive for adults as well who are lovers of LEGO.


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