Get One Of Starfield’s Best Spacesuits Easily

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Starfield’s Best Spacesuits

In the expansive universe of Starfield, a massive open-world spacefaring RPG, there’s an abundance of adventures and secrets waiting to be discovered. Amidst the vastness of this game, it’s easy to overlook certain hidden treasures. One such treasure is a coveted spacesuit that’s cleverly concealed behind a secure glass case. However, with a bit of cunning and ingenuity, you can acquire this prized possession relatively early in your journey.

As you embark on the game’s storyline, you’ll quickly find yourself immersed in the ranks of Constellation, an eclectic group of artifact hunters on a quest for the universe’s deepest mysteries. Their headquarters, known as The Lodge, is nestled in the heart of New Atlantis within the Alpha Centauri system. Here, you can not only take on missions but also engage in conversations with fellow members and make use of various facilities, including workbenches for upgrading your weaponry and suits. But hidden away in the depths of The Lodge, there lies a top-tier spacesuit that’s just waiting for the right explorer to claim it.

So, how exactly do you obtain Starfield’s coveted Mark I Spacesuit? Despite its seemingly unassuming status within the game’s rarity categories (rare, epic, and legendary items), this spacesuit is nothing short of extraordinary.

To acquire it, you must venture down into the basement of The Lodge, accessible through a set of stairs discreetly tucked behind a pair of double doors. Upon reaching the basement’s lowest level, you’ll navigate through what appears to be a storage room cluttered with a covered couch, boxes, and various odds and ends. However, nestled in the back-left corner of this unassuming space, you’ll find the Mark I Spacesuit, securely enclosed within a hexagonal glass case that’s masterfully locked. But here’s the intriguing part: You don’t need to be a master lockpicker to access it, nor would you want to be, as reaching the required Security skill level of at least three to attempt a Master-level lockpick is quite the endeavor.

Instead of wasting valuable digipicks to crack the lock (assuming your Security skill is adequately leveled), or simply walking away in frustration, you can employ a clever glitch to peer through a small crack in the glass case and liberate the Mark I Spacesuit without any hassle. Yes, you read that correctly. By manipulating the game’s mechanics and positioning your reticle just right, you can “open” the case and claim the suit that rests upon the mannequin inside. And you absolutely should, because the Mark I Spacesuit boasts exceptional stats, surpassing most other early-game gear you’ll come across in Starfield.

Comprising a helmet, pack, and suit, the Mark I Spacesuit offers remarkable defenses against physical, energy, and electromagnetic (EM) damage. Much like the legendary Mantis spacesuit and Razorleaf spaceship, the suit’s inherent perks might vary when you find it. These perks could include additional reductions in energy and explosive damage, increased carrying capacity, or heightened melee damage—making it a truly versatile and formidable addition to your inventory.

So, there you have it: an incredible spacesuit that you can acquire early in the game, allowing you to craft a character build that’s exceptionally powerful. Armed with this formidable gear, you’ll be well-prepared to embark on your journey towards obtaining the legendary Razorleaf spaceship, further enhancing your adventures in the captivating world of Starfield.

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