Get These 34 Games Free Through Wednesday

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Amazon is underway with its two days of price cutting on everything you can imagine, which of course comes with a lot of Prime Day PC deals. Until July 15, Prime members can also claim a massive handful of games totally free.

Prime Gaming gives out in-game treats and complete games with some frequency, but this is a very big haul of over 30 freebies, headlined by the Mass Effect Legendary Edition, which you can only get through Thursday.

The Mass Effect trilogy is a big get for a freebie, which I don’t need to convince anyone of. For what it’s worth, we gave the remaster of the first game in the series a 77% review, calling it a modest improvement, albeit on an already much-loved game.

It’s worth digging into some of the neat picks you may not already know if you claim the collection though. The Darkside Detective, for instance, is one of the best detective games on PC by our count. There’s also Serial Cleaner, the stealth action game from 2017 by Draw Distance, which is about to follow up with the sequel Serial Cleaners (plural) that I’m personally pretty jazzed to try.

Oh, and Final Fantasy Tactics fans may want to spot tactical turn-based RPG Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark, too.

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