Get Yourself A Sand Timer If You Spend Too Much Time On The Toilet

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toilet sand timer

We all know at least one person—who enjoys going to the bathroom at the company’s time because they “get paid to be in there.” They sit there somewhere from 20 to 45 minutes, reading, or just scrolling socially acceptable apps. But then there are those who take up way too much time at home as well. They show no shame in taking up everyone’s precious time while their loved ones are beating on the bathroom door out of pure desperation.

But now we have a gadget for that as well, Meet toilet sand timer for that long-pooper in your life comes in. Available from Amazon, the toilet sand timer has conquered the hearts of many people—while they’re not so sure the timer works to actually hurry the long-pooper up, it may work as a great gift with a subtle message for loved ones.

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