Getting Tired Of Chrome? Vivaldi Can Now Run Your Favorite Chrome Extensions

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We are giving a try to Vivaldi and so far we are loving it, the browser from ex-Opera CEO Jon von Tetzchner, is getting an update today with an interesting new feature.

This is the fourth preview build of the browser, which the company expects to be the last before it officially enters beta. The biggest new feature is the ability to use Chrome extensions, which can be installed directly from the Chrome Web Store.

If you are tired of chrome and it’s massive weight to the RAM, but can’t bear the thought of leaving because you need your extensions there’s no reason to not try Vivaldi now. You can bring across everything you love from Chrome, but enjoy Vivaldi’s speed and the fact that it’s based on the same renderingd engine as Google’s browser.

Vivaldi is targeted at power users and might just be the browser haven you were looking for.

You can download Vivaldi from here.


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