GF7 Flying Car Concept

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GF7 Flying Car Concept

Every dream of owing a flying car? It is one of the dreams that we all have dreamt somewhere along our life and now, thanks to technology, we know that a number of flying cars concepts are under production.

GF7 has been designed for people who are as wealthy as Tony Stark or Bruce Wayne for that matter.The GF7 has been designed for four people and can be called a personal jet that can also work as a legal-for-street luxury Sedan. The jet engine can generate enough power to allow the GF7 to achieve heights of 38,000 feet, which is currently the highest any conceptual flying car can go. This height will also allow the GF7 to make itself free of speed limitations that have been placed by FAA.

GF7 Flying Car Concept

Once it is in air; GF7 will be able to achieve a speed of about 550 Mph. However, once on road, the GF7 will shut down its jet engine and use an electric motor, which will allow it to cover about 100 miles with a top speed of 100Mph on a single charge. The electric motor will be recharged by the jet engine when GF7 will be in flight.


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