Ghost Of Tsushima Playing Tips And Tricks

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Ghost Of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima, is released on PlayStation 4, and it is a lot of game. As Jin Sakai, one of Tsushima’s last samurai, you’re singularly tasked with the purpose of repelling a whole Mongol fleet. Easy, right?

The following tips and tricks will help you turn Jin into a one-man, Khan-killing army.

Look for the yellow birds.

Tsushima has a bug problem: Specifically, the island is overrun by yellow birds. Though irritating, they’ll lead you to many undiscovered secrets on the island. If you can’t see them, you can hear them. Yellow birds won’t always take you to something important, but they’ll never take you that distance from your goal. And every so often, they’ll take you to the three most profitable discoverable objectives, which are…

Ghost Of Tsushima

These three locations.

Hot Springs: Get wet in Tsushima’s rejuvenating baths will give you a small, permanent boost to your health. You’ll also be given to a brief cutscene in which Jin strips down, both literally and emotionally, in a moment of introspection. Normally, you have to choose between a severe topic of rumination or a silly one. A word of wisdom: Go with the latter. These times of levity go a long way toward humanizing Jin, a relatively simple main character.

Bamboo Strikes: Discovering these will start off a rudimentary, yet oddly compelling, mini-game. Each one you finish will improve your resolve meter, providing you more leeway to heal and use the game’s most important moves as you please. They’re scarce, but here’s a hint: There’s one per prefecture. Once you’ve found the Tsutsu Bamboo Strike, for example, don’t bother looking for one in nearby Kishi Village.

Fox Dens: If you see a fox, follow it. These kind beings will guide you to Inari Shrines. Finding these will improve how many charms—accessories that allow minor gameplay bonuses—you can implement at once. After you find enough fox dens to open up all five bonus charm slots, you’ll see that you still have about 20 or so to get. Be on the lookout. Once you find a good number of fox dens, you’ll get two powerful charms. Every five fox dens you find after that will enhance their efficacy.


Cliff-dive to cut seconds off your travel time.

The extremely impatient will love this trick. Everyone else will see its foolishness. For those tall cliffs that are insanely in between you and your target, feel free to leap to your death. When you land on the ground, use the Iron Will skill to revive yourself, plus a quick-heal to make sure you don’t get eaten by a bear. All told, it’ll cost you three resolve points, but does that really important than time, life’s only valuable resource?


Complete mythic quests early.

Quests in Ghost of Tsushima are divided up into three classes. Jin’s Story, the gold icon, is narrative missions that push the game’s plot forward. The white tales of Tsushima icons are traditional, optional side-quests. Blue icons, mythic quests, are totally optional but always worth the time. Each one gives you something game-changing—a weapon, a set of armor, a very powerful combat skill—and a more significant legend boost than you’d get from a regular Tale of Tsushima. Do it as soon as you can.

Ghost Of Tsushima

Upgrade The Gear and Leveling Up

Ghost of Tsushima gives a staggering amount of level-up options. It can be a bit overwhelming. For specifics skills you need specific upgrades, invest some time into it.


Prioritize High Value Mongol Outposts.

Not all Mongol outposts are high value. Once you get to know the battle part of the game, go for the biggest ones first, identifiable by their unseemly tent-shaped icons. Some of these will give you with a complete technique point on top of whatever legend boost you get from clearing the place. As a bonus, you’ll defog a huge chunk of the map than you would from a regular crossroads outpost. There are four to find in Izuhara, three in Toyotama, and two in Kamiagata.



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