GHOSTBUSTERS WORLD is a New Radical AR Mobile Game Where You Catch Ghosts

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Ever since Pokemon Go was released, we’ve seen a lot of crappy knockoff AR games. Now there’s a Ghostbusters AR game coming called Ghostbusters World and it actually looks like it’s going to be a fabulous game and I am kind of excited about it. Check out the video below.

In Ghostbusters World players will walk around a digital map of your neighboring area hunting for ghosts. When the player finds a ghost the game will switch to an AR mode where they’ll have a chance to catch it using a proton pack.

According to The Verge, the game will come with 150 ghosts for you to capture when it releases. They explain:

There are four different proton packs that range in blast power, much like the range in capturing power like Great Balls and Master Balls. Dimension portals are the equivalent of Pokéstops, where you can get ammunition for your proton packs. And of course, you can buy more ammunition through in-app purchases. Much like Pokémon Go’s pedometer feature that lets you hatch a Pokemon egg, Ghostbusters World also lets you hatch Ectoplasms. I was puzzled as to why you’d want to hatch your own ghost when the point of ghostbusting is to get rid of them, but to each their own.

The game will also introduce a few improvements that go beyond the Pokemon Go formula. For example, the game will render 3D buildings on the map, rather than the flat map, which is made possible thanks to Google making Maps open to third-party devs. The other thing that it will add is a Story Mode that people can play. That story will be written by writers of the Ghostbusters comics from IDW Publishing. The demo will also introduce an in-game chat feature, which could be helpful in organizing raid battles.

Ghostbusters World will launch later this year on iOS and Android.



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