Gigantic TiVo with 24TB of Storage

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Gigantic TiVo with 24TB of Storage (1)

TiVo has announced a gigantic 24TB called the “Mega,” and it is basically an expanded version of their TiVo Roamio Pro.

Gigantic TiVo with 24TB of Storage (2)

TiVo Mega Features:

  • Six tuners
  • 26,000 hours of SD recording space, approximately 4,000 hours of HD recording space
  • Raid configuration with hot-swappable drives
  • Rack-mountable
  • Anodized precision-machined bezel
  • Multi-room networking (Ethernet/MoCA®)
  • Control with TiVo app, RF remote, or IP
  • Built-in mobile streaming
  • Lifetime subscription for the TiVo recommendation and search features (normally $15 a month)
  • Streaming via Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video, Netflix, YouTube, MLB.TV, AOL On, Web Video Hotlist, Pandora, Spotify, Rhapsody Music Service, Live365, Picasa, Opera TV Store, Moviefone, TechCrunch, and Huffington Post.

All of this can be yours for the insane price of $5,000. Obviously, this is ultra-high-end and out of the reach of most people. TiVo could do really well in the high-end with its higher margins and early adopters.

Tivo Mega will be available in the first half of 2015.


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