Give A Vision To Your Thoughts. Here’s How You Can Create A Short Film With Zero Expertise

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In the world of exponentially rising digital content, creating a lasting impact on a reader’s mind can be challenging. If you wish to engage someone in your thoughts and leave a consequence, it becomes all the more essential to choose the correct mode, and what can be more impactful than a motion picture?

Even though a movie is something everyone loves to watch, it is definitely not easy to make one. Film making requires vision to picture and believe in something that hasn’t even taken shape.

If you have an excellent script or even an idea, consider half your work is done. And the rest shall be done by the post-production hard work, i.e., the editing of the film.

For beginners, this might seem like an intimidating task, but it really is not. With advancements in editing software and camera phone of such excellent quality, creating a short film has never been easier. Follow these simple steps to put your thoughts in motion and make your very first short film even if you have zero expertise.

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How To Create A Short Film With Zero Expertise?

Like every journey of a thousand miles, daunting as it may seem, begins with just a single step. Similarly, don’t let the lack of expertise keep you from pursuing your dream. If you wish to start your career in film making, start with a short film first, and if you know of the correct tools, this should only take a few minutes.

A short film can be made with just a great idea and some editing skills, right from the comfort of your own room. All you need is a vision and some creativity. If you don’t know how to get started, here is a simple guide to follow for making your first short film.

Do Your Groundwork

First and foremost, start with research. Find out precisely what you want and expect from this short film. Start with anything that is easiest for you. It could be selecting a Genre, finding inspiration, analyzing your resources, or working out schedules or expenditures. Researching beforehand will keep you prepared, and you will know what to expect.

Your research for a short film must also include reading up and acquiring some knowledge about moviemaking, cinematography, videography, etc. Acquiring some knowledge about the latest trends in technology and filming might go a long way in turning a good film into a great one.

Finalize An Amazing Script

Next, you will need to finalize a script that speaks to you. Keep in mind the audience that you will be showcasing the film to. A short film requires a script that focuses on the main idea and doesn’t wander off in multiple directions.

You may also choose to write your own 10 minutes script. It could be about an event that impacted you or some observations you might have made; it could be simple and yet be made into a great film if scripted well.

For someone who doesn’t want or know how to write a script, you can just download a free script off the internet. There are many websites offering small scripts with minimal scenes and on various topics and genres.

Create A Story Board

After you have finalized a script, and feel confident about it, jump off to creating a storyboard for the movie. A storyboard is a simple depiction of each scene artistically that shows a flow of the film.

The work of a storyboard is to help picture a flow of events before the shooting of the film. It is also imperative while shooting since it saves a lot of time, and a director can focus on other important details like camera work.

A storyboard doesn’t have to be an artistic masterpiece; It could be a simple rough sketch defining what each scene will look like.

Work Hard On Your Pre Production

Pre-production involves working out every little detail involved in the shooting of the film. The location, permissions to shoot, props, camera and equipment, crew, cast, and everything else.

Make these decisions beforehand to save on time and money on rent etc. Pre-production will also involve carrying out an audition for actors, selecting a qualified crew, finding a location ideal for your budget and acquiring permission if need be and renting equipment, etc.

Shoot The Film

Now comes the most exciting part, the shooting of a film. Make sure your actors have rehearsed the scene, and they feel comfortable with the costumes. The shooting of a film is something where you need to show your skills and creativity of vision.

For filmmakers who do not wish to carry out their own film shoots, they can choose to make a film with online movie makers, where they have libraries of free to use video clips and editing tools to create a movie.

Use something like the VideoCreek promo video maker online free tool to create a short film where no filming is required; just select a series of videos or images and texts to create a storyline and make a short film.

Work Your Post Production Magic

After the shooting is done, you may start with creating your first short film without any expertise. Every film must have a start, a middle, and an end. Don’t get lost with extra raw footage that may not be relevant for the film. Create a narrative that speaks out your vision for the short film.

Editing before used to be an expensive affair but not anymore. You can easily put your raw footage into any editing software on the internet for free editing. One such powerful tool is the movie maker by VideoCreek.

It has advanced editing options like adding voice-over and effects that you can use for free. Select a suitable soundtrack or background score for creating a grip on the audience. Watch your film and try to tighten up any loose ends.

And Voila! There you have, your very first short film created with zero expertise. If you have a team working on the film, screen the movie for them to get their valuable insights.

With online free tools like movie maker, you can carry out quick edits even in the smallest fractions of the scene. After finalizing each edit, Screen your premier show for the audience and enjoy your stardom and appreciation.

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