Gjallarhorn Is Making a Come Back To Destiny 2

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Gjallarhorn Destiny 2

Destiny 2 info released today included details about the release date for The Witch Queen expansion and the specific height of its villain. That’s cool and all, but here’s the real meat and potatoes: Gjallarhorn, the comically great rocket launcher that more or less defined the meta-weapon in the original Destiny, is coming to Destiny 2.

Gjallarhorn, or “Gjally” as some dedicated players liked to call it, was one of the most beloved rare weapons in Destiny. Rather than a typical rocket launcher, it fired rounds in clusters, meaning it went boom boom boom instead of just boom. Of course, because nothing good is allowed to last for long in the cold, cruel, reductively good-vs.-evil world of Destiny, Bungie ultimately nerfed Gjally to the point where it was merely on par with other weapons.

Gjallarhorn will be included in Destiny 2’s Bungie 30th Anniversary Pack, which will be available this December. In addition to good ol’ Gjally, the 30th-anniversary set will include armor inspired by Thorn, a Claymore sword from Myth, and a “pirate-themed dungeon”.

That speeds The Witch Queen expansion, planned for release on February 2, 2022, following a delay spurred by the Covid-19 pandemic. In addition to a narrative featuring Extremely Tall Witch Savathûn, she of the Hive, it’ll also add weapon creating and some tweaks to the class system.

The game will also receive two more expansions: Lightfall and The Final Shape. Bungie said those will wrap up the “Light and Darkness” saga but noted that Destiny 2 will “continue beyond.”

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