Glorious Lorian Burner Compact Racing Drone

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Lorian Burner Compact Racing Drone

Greg Spencer has created a new compact racing drone called the Lorian Burner that has been designed to be both adjustable and adaptable depending on your racing conditions and style of flying.

The Lorian Burner is equipped with the features and adjustment of a professional multirotor that can be adapted as you progress from beginner to seasoned professional.

Lorian Burner Compact Racing Drone

Other features include carbon fibre and FR4 construction, integrated power distribution layer with directional LED indication and its been designed for 28mm board cam PZ0420M type or 25mm 600 tvl fatshark or equivalent for First Person Flying experience with propulsion designed for 2204 / 2206 / 2208 size motors.

“Have you ever dreamed about being in a science fiction movie racing on your hover bike through the woods or whizzing your pod racer around the arid canyons on a far away planet. This could be the closest thing yet!!!

My passion has always been gadgets especially radio control and computers, I discovered multi rotors well over 4 years ago. Inspired by watching videos online of these new and exciting machines I started out by cutting up aluminum and strapping motors together, some were good some not so but with experience things got better and as the technology progressed things really got exciting.”


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