Glow And Light Gadgets Collection

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To ensure your night lamp doesn’t disturb any of your neighbors, it’s always better to use something like this Ghetto Lamp. It’s a boombox inspired room lamp that glows like a power bulb at night and sits as a charming home decor item during the day. You can’t expect to feel like tuning into some of your best music tracks while this lamp glows at night. There is also a wide range of neon LED lamps, home decor, and neon art. Have you considered neon signs for the home? These are ideal for bedroom decorations, home improvement and to brighten up any living space.


This intuitive Flight Lamp by Litapic has been specially made for frequent travelers who get a close view of airport time and again. The lamp looks exactly like an airport status board and is available for quite some destinations such as New York, Tokyo, Barcelona, and Paris. It has been delicately made out of wood and acrylic with an LED lighting system.


The first portable flexible lighting device! Kangaroo light is a playful, practical personal light. It has been ingeniously designed to be programmed and fit your lifestyle, illuminating those darker moments. Kangaroo Light is Arduino compatible, allowing you to customize your light making it fun and de’lightful for all!


Create the majestic feel of nature inside the house with this charming Néfos Pendant by MyYour which is an ideal combination of neatness and productivity. Once made to float from the ceiling, this cloud chandelier brings a striking aura of light both indoors and immediately outdoors. It’s a polyethylene build designed especially by Paolo de Lucchi. You can either suspend it alone or in groups that would both look classic as a centerpiece of home decor.


Install a true essence of modern living in your lifestyle through the Lumio Book Lamp which offers iconic light solutions from a source that’s shaped as a book. Basically a multi-purpose lamp, Lumio adapts to the changes in your lighting needs throughout the day through smart solutions. It can be customized into various shapes and sizes and mounted anywhere in the house or outdoors whenever necessary.


Italian label Bulbo’s latest innovation is this gorgeous Cynara lamp that helps you cultivate a stylish garden indoors. Comprising of LEDs, this energy-efficient terracotta lamp is the perfect lighting solution that can keep your plants growing throughout the year. Attach it to any aluminum rod and place it on your plant pots to see the magic yourself.

The PowerSpurz LED Heel Clips is a visual notification to let your presence felt when training outdoors. By being either in the pulse or continuous mode, these heel clips glow from the back of your shoes in bright orange light. The clip fixes comfortably on your shoes and is never affected by bad weather conditions.


The Lumen Flame Tree Oil Lamp is a design created by Brooklyn-based designer Adam Frank. It is a clever projection of light and shadows using an acid-etched stainless steel oil lamp with a thin tree-like extension upfront. The flame is behind the tree, so the tree is projected as a shadow on the wall in front. It creates an amazingly real silhouette on the wall which looks like a very real shadow of an actual tree in the outdoors.


This iEqualizer iPhone Case from Strapya World is just another hard iPhone case that protects your device, except that this one also has glowing light bars that are attuned to noise and vibrations, and will fluctuate accordingly. It’s like you’ve got an equalizer strapped to your iPhone. It’s a polycarbonate case, but the light show ensures that you won’t miss the original beauty of the iPhone. You get batteries along with the case.



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