Go Go Gadget Games: Making Mobile Casino More Immersive

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Gaming has become more immersive over the last few decades. Although consoles still incorporate control pads, even these have evolved. Instead of joysticks or buttons that feel somewhat disconnected from the action, modern controllers vibrate and make noises. These features make them integral to the overall gaming experience.

Then, of course, there are motion-sensors for devices such as the Nintendo Wii. Controllers that track the movement of an individual essentially become extensions of someone’s limbs. This dynamic carries over into the virtual reality (VR) arena where headsets and motion sensors allow people to move naturally in digital settings. The point we’re making is that gaming has become more immersive.

How Mobile Games Draw You In

Mobile devices haven’t been excluded from this evolutionary process. In fact, these modern-day gadgets have brought a new dynamic to all areas of the gaming industry, including the casino sector. Today, anyone that’s old enough and in the right location can play slots et al via their mobile. For example, PlayStar, a secure online casino with over 100+ games, is accessible via desktop and mobile devices.

This means players can use their iOS or Android device to create an account and play popular titles such as 88 Fortunes and Blackjack Live. That’s great but not necessarily revolutionary. What is impressive, however, is the way mobile apps have brought another layer of engagement to casino gaming. Although each app and, in turn, game, differs with regards to features, the following things are all possible.

Swipes and Taps

All mobile games are controlled by swipes and taps. These movements have become second nature for all mobile users, but there’s something to be said for the level of connection they create. Indeed, when you have to swipe through a gaming lobby and physically touch something to make a bet, it feels more immersive than clicking a mouse pad/button.

Touch/Face ID

Almost all modern casino apps allow you to swap standard passwords for Touch ID or Face ID logins. This option doesn’t necessarily make a game more immersive, but it does create a greater sense of connection with the app because only your biometrics can unlock a digital world of games.


One of the most interesting innovations used by the mobile gaming sector in recent years is shaking controls. Although this feature isn’t available for all devices or games, certain mobile slots allow you to shake your device to set the reels in motion. There’s a certain novelty to this type of feature, but it’s another way to make you feel more connected to the action through physical action.


The Feature is Even More Immersive

When you combine these qualities with the fact everything plays out in the palm of your hand, it’s fair to say that mobile casino gaming has become more immersive. The question, therefore, is where do we go from here? Virtual reality is leading the way in gaming, but mobile devices may be more suited to augmented reality (AR)

We’ve seen what’s possible with products such as Pokémon Go and Jurassic World Alive. There’s no reason casino developers couldn’t develop games that project virtual images onto real-world objects. Table games like blackjack could actually be played on a table. Slot reels could be mapped onto a wall. These are just ideas but they’re possible based on the current trajectory of technology and gaming. For those who enjoy gaming on the go, this can only be a positive.

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