GoFish Cam Records The Action In Full HD

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New fishing line camera has been created specifically for people who loves to shoot footage underwater, it is called the GoFish Cam, enabling them to position it on the end of their line and record HD footage of the action below the waves that is normally out of sight. This will enable new horizons for us to see in full HD.

Designed by brother team Ryan and Brandon Austin, the GoFish CamHas launched on Kickstarter with the aim of raising $55,000 over the next 42 days. Watch the video below to learn more about this unique fishing camera as well as see some recorded footage from its early prototypes.

GoFish Cam is a patent pending wireless, underwater action-adventure camera that sits on your fishing line and captures the real action of the sport. Meant for trolling, cast-and-retrieve and bottom fishing in both salt and freshwater environments, the GoFish Camera has been designed with a stabilized, waterproof design to allow anglers to record the action down to 150 meters underwater without the wobble.

Equipped with HD 1080p color video and infrared lights for night vision, the GoFish Cam catches the complete underwater experience through a 170° wide-angle lens and built-in microphone even in the darkest of conditions. It’s fishing like you’ve never seen before – trust us!

Priced at $115 the GoFish Cam is now available to back via the link below.


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