Going Wireless: Finding the Best Workout Headphones

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Workout Headphones

Did you know that listening to music while you work out can enhance exercise by making it a more fun experience?

You also consume less oxygen, which often results in you working out harder and pushing your muscles to the climax.

That’s why you should ensure that you invest in quality workout headphones, which have a comfy, yet secure fit and help block out the noise of a crowded gym.

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about cables getting stuck everywhere while working out.

Finding the best headphones for your workout, however, include reading countless reviews, studying product features, and evaluating the various available styles and sound performance.

To make it simple for you, here’s what to consider when you’re out shopping for the best workout headphones:


Choose the Best Workout Headphones Style

To start with, there are two main styles that you can choose from when looking for workout headphones. These include in-ear headphones and over-ear headphones.

In-ear headphones typically sit inside the ear, and most are designed with ear hooks to help them stay in position.

On the other hand, over-ear headphones are designed to rest on top of your ears with a band that runs over the head.

Most people prefer over-ear headphones as they stay put while working out. Hence, you’ll never worry about your headphones falling out while you’re exercising.

In-ear headphones are also preferred for their lightweight design. Though the style to choose will mostly depend on your personal preference and taste, you should consider headphones that feel like they’re barely there due to their lightweight design.

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Opt for Wireless Headphones

Exercises entail a lot of movements. Thus, working out with wireless headphones allows you to move about more freely, without the worry of the cord being tangled up or tethered to a device.

You also get the chance to listen to your favorite hits without ever removing them when performing certain exercises or due to a faulty jack.

Research by Futuresource Consulting reported increased demand for wireless headphones over the years; in 2015, the numbers doubled, taking up 14 percent of the entire market.

That said, wireless headphones have proven handy and reliable when it comes to workout activities.

Sweatproof and Waterproof Feature

Sweating while at the gym is a great indication that your workout is working. However, will your headphones handle the sweat penetrating inside? For workout activities, you’ll probably consider sweatproof headphones.

Luckily enough, most manufacturers are now releasing waterproof headphones into the market.

Having waterproof headphones ensures your sweat doesn’t take a toll on your headphones when you’re enjoying that intense workout.  You’ll also get to have fun while indulging in some aquatic workouts.

Noise Isolating

To get the most out of your workout session, you’ll need to focus and be immersed fully in your own world.

Thus, if you’re in the gym, you’ll need to tune out other gym-goers and the sound of your feet smacking the trails. That’s why you should get a pair of headphones that get rid of distracting background noises.

With that in mind, make sure that you choose a pair of comfortable noise cancelling headphones while you’re in the gym working out. The noise-canceling feature enables you to concentrate on becoming fit while enjoying your music at its best.

However, you might workout headphones without noise isolating capability where awareness of your surroundings is necessary, for instance, when doing outdoor exercises.

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Battery Life and Accessories

Battery life is another crucial part of wireless headphones and an important factor to consider.

Most wireless headphones will give you decent battery life to allow you to enjoy your music while working out.

You don’t want headphones that require to be charged in between your workout session. Thus, you should consider finding workout headphones with about 8 hours or more of battery life.

Likewise, you won’t go for wireless headphones that take ages to charge fully. That’s why you should ensure that your wireless headphones can charge fast when you’re running late for your daily workout sessions.

Though some wireless headphones can be used while charging, they simply won’t offer convenience and portable perks as expected.

Not to forget, always check that your workout headphones come with all the necessary accessories such as charging cables, multiple earplugs, and storage cases to improve your workout experience.

Controls and Pairing

Unlike the controls on wired headphones, wireless headphones are designed with controls nicely positioned on the earpieces. Some come designed able to control by external apps or by voice.

The type of controls on your wireless workout headphones can hugely determine how much you’ll enjoy wearing them while exercising.

Thus, ensure that your wireless headphones have some easy-to-press controls and they’re well placed to allow you to have control of what you’re listening to and easily adjust the volume to your preferred level.

Another factor to consider is how well the headphones pair with an external device. Most support Bluetooth and others come having NFC functionality.

Others are designed to have both functionalities, which is an added advantage because you can pair with via Bluetooth and NFC-enabled devices.

The frequency range of your headphones also contributes to the quality of sound you’ll experience while wearing them.

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Price Point

As with most other things in life, headphones with more features come at a premium price.

By knowing that, always consider the amount you’re willing to spend on a pair of workout headphones.

There are lots of wireless workout headphones available that offer some decent features for a reasonable price.  Try finding discounts whenever possible to make buying wireless workout headphones more affordable.


Enjoy Your Work Out Sessions

Now that you know what it entails getting the best workout headphones, choose one that fits your budget and type of work out.

Invest in some quality wireless headphones today and realize the benefits of exercising with music first-hand.

Check out our website today and learn more on the various devices you can pair with your wireless headphones while you’re working out.

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