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Nintendo Switch Sports

Nintendo Switch Sports from Nintendo will be adding Golf into the game! Across 21 different holes from the Wii Sports series, players will be able to play solo or tee up with friends across the local play, or online in an eight-player Survival Golf mode. The player with the most strokes in each hole gets taken down!

If maybe Golf isn’t your speed, there is still a lot to check out if you are new to the world of Nintendo Switch Sports. Sports such as Soccer, Volleyball, Bowling, Tennis, Badminton, or Chambara are already available to get you moving and gaming in local or online modes. With this new update comes the addition of LAN functionality, enabling players to play with friends or family on the same network without an internet connection! This works for Golf as well as the other 6 sports.

Nintendo Switch Sports is out now on, you can get it for Nintendo Switch via the Nintendo Store.

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