Goodwill Sold Sealed Copy of NES ‘Legend of Zelda’ for Hefty Price Tag

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 Sealed Copy of NES 'Legend of Zelda'

A Connecticut part of Goodwill sold a factory-sealed copy of The Legend of Zelda for $411,278, last week.

Donated anonymously to the nonprofit’s Bridgeport, Conn., location, the classic Nintendo game brought a lot of online attention.

Collectors gathered to Goodwill’s digital shop—an eBay-esque auction site selling everything from antiques and jewelry to musical instruments and wedding accessories. And, after several bids were reduced due to alleged fraud, according to The Action Network, victor Eric Naierman got it for a $411,000 price.

A Florida dentist, Naierman started stockpiling baseball cards in the early ’90s, before moving on to factory-sealed video games—of which he owns about 250, which includes a sticker-sealed Mario Arcade and first-print Castlevania, and now a sealed version of Zelda.

Naierman beat 144 other bids to take home the rare find. And while the 35-year-old package did not comes with a grading certification, the collector rates it at an 8 to 8.5 out of 10. As noted in the Goodwill product description, the plastic has scratches and smudges, with a partially peeled sticker, a small hole on one corner, and few dents in the box.

“Given what the first print in a higher condition went for,” Naierman told The Action Network, referring to a sealed version that recently sold for a whopping $870,000, “we thought the market was around $600,000 for this.” So $411,000 is a real steal.

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