Google Almost Got Into The Fast Food Business!

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Google Almost Got Into The Fast Food Business

Google is a search company or started from search engine game but they end up buying and owning Gmail, Google Maps, Google Translate, and Android. They are even very influential with the governments of the world. But what’s next for Google you asked? Google almost got into the food business by bidding $200 million for a company called Impossible Foods.

According to a report, it seems that the deal fell through because the company felt that Google did not offer them enough. Here is where it gets creepy. The company specializes in creating fake meat.

Apparently the meat looks and tastes like a ground beef burger, except that it is completely made from plants. Not animal meat. The idea is that it is a more sustainable burger. In many countries it’s hard to raise cattle.

However the company has been backed in the past by other notable figures in the tech industry, like Bill Gates, Tony Fadell, and Khosla Ventures. They all helped to raise $74 million in funding.

Can you suggest a name for their food company if they ever open a fast food joint?


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