Google Maps Learned Some New Tricks

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Google Maps

Google has revealed that it is revamping Google Maps with a range of new features. This comes with a new neighborhood vibe feature that will let you get a feel for a neighborhood before you visit.

There is also the power to explore more than 250 landmarks in aerial view and you will also be able to examine nearby places in Live View.

Google is also preparing to expand its new routing feature which uses more environmentally friendly routes to third-party developers.

If you’re visiting a new neighborhood, it can be hard to figure out what’s worth exploring, what’s new, and what the local gems are. Soon, with our new neighborhood vibe feature, you’ll be able to select a neighborhood and see the most popular spots come to life thanks to helpful photos and information from the Google Maps community right on the map. Say you’re on a trip to Paris — you can quickly know if a neighborhood is artsy or has an exciting food scene so you can make an informed decision on how to spend your time.

For more amazing details about the new features that are coming to Google Maps over at the Google website at the link below.

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