Google PhoneBloks Prototype In Action – Video

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Google PhoneBloks Prototype

Project Ara developer conference will take place in almost two weeks, the dream of a modular phone platform is moving closer to reality. When completed, We will have personalized phone with many phone bricks to choose from. Just like custom PC’s right now.

The user of the phone will be able to customize his or her phone and swap blocks to make it better suited for his lifestyle. As good as it sounds, Project Ara is not just a concept. The video below introduces members of the Project Ara team and also shows how they have engineered the blocks to fit together to make a complete phone.


The blocks are held together with a combination of electromagnets that require power and permanent magnets that don’t need any power source. This will allow the modular bricks to stay in place even when the phone is off.


Project Ara will produce phone platforms in three different sizes that can be customized. This just goes to show how serious the team is to make this phone popular among the masses.

Hopefully it will be a reality soon and we all can have our own personally built phones with customized blocks. Let’s see how long it will take Project Ara to become reality.

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