Google Play Store’s 2018 Game Awards

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One of the more popular platforms for mobile gaming is Android gadgets. With the majority of games being put on the Google Play Store and only missing out on a few iOS exclusives, it is easy to see why people would prefer to browse from the store with a much larger collection of options. But sometimes it is hard to tell what games are even worth downloading. So let’s take a look at what Google voted to be their top Play Store titles of 2018.

Starting off with the “Game of the Year” equivalent is the award for Best Game of 2018. The winner of this award goes to PUBG Mobile for sparking a worldwide craze and bringing us together for massively fun, survival-of-the-fittest showdowns! This isn’t a shocking winner, but is certainly a deserving one as it brings one of the PC gamers the most interesting games to a mobile platform. PUBG Mobile also won the Fan Favorite Game and Most Competitive Game awards.

The rest of the awards mentioned are:

Best Casual Game – The Sims Mobile

Most Innovative Game – Gorogoa

Best Indie Game – Returner 77

It’s exciting that their list of awards is very short and that they weren’t more diversely given out. Some could claim that Best Game and Fan Favorite Game will almost always be the very winner and thus is the same category. Either way, it is great to see games being given the attention they deserve, even if it doesn’t compete with the amazing games being published on PC and consoles today.

If you head into your Google Play Store today, you can also find a list of Best Apps, Best Movies, Best TV, and Best Books of 2018.


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